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Otolaryngology in Kharkov (m. Pushkinskaya)

Diseases associated with the ears, throat or noses require a specific approach to the diagnosis and treatment, as these organs are vulnerable to inflammation and infections.

The peak of calls to ENT doctors occurs during the off-season when cases of the illness among adults and children are exacerbated. Professional consultation is desirable for colds and other viral-respiratory pathologies in order to avoid their progression and to achieve and persistent recovery.

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 The examination of an otolaryngologist is required for:

  • pain in the throat, ears, nasal passage;
  • secretions from the ENT organs;
  • hearing disorder;
  • difficulty in nasal breathing;
  • hoarseness;
  • discomfort when swallowing;
  • deterioration of smell;
  • increased lymph glands in the area of ENT organs;
  • snoring.

The reason for a visit to the otolaryngologist can be emergency cases (nosebleeds, foreign objects in the throat, ear, and nose passage). In such situations, professional diagnostics will be carried out and resolution of the problem will be offered.

Otolaryngologist (ENT) in the "ON Clinic Kharkiv" primarily performs a visual examination and examines the patient's complaints. After a thorough analysis of the data obtained, the doctor establishes the diagnosis and prescribes the necessary treatment.

A visit to the otolaryngologist in Kharkiv is also recommended after the removal of painful symptoms. An experienced physician should record a complete cure to avoid a possible relapse of the disease. Specialists of "ON Clinic Kharkiv" provide comprehensive information on preventive measures and home procedures for the ENT organs hygiene.

You can arrange a visit to an otolaryngologist at any convenient time by filling out a form on the site. You can also arrange a visit in the telephone mode according to one of the numbers specified in the "Contacts" section.

Our specialists treat the following diseases:

  • pharyngitis (blennosis of the pharynx);
  • rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa);
  • acute respiratory infections of the upper respiratory tract;
  • tonsillitis (inflammatory process in the tonsils);
  • nasal stuffiness, including the chronic one;
  • laryngitis (lesion of the laryngeal mucosa);
  • sinusitis (inflammation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinuses);
  • otitis (inflammation process in the ear);
  • mesotympanitis (chronic inflammation of the middle ear);
  • cerumen plugs; 
  • papilloma (wart) in an auricle.

Often, painful symptoms are manifested in the case of ingestion of foreign objects into the ENT organs. In such situations, the clinic specialist will perform operative removal of foreign bodies from the nose, ear, and pharynx. Independent intervention in such situations is dangerous, so you should trust the procedure exclusively to professionals of Otolaryngology.

A visit to the ENT in the "ON Clinic Kharkiv" includes complex diagnostics of the problem organs (nose, ears, pharynx, larynx, and trachea) and development of treatment strategy. Depending on the disease, it includes medical or physiotherapy methods. In especially severe cases, surgical treatment may be necessary.

All manipulations in the "ON Clinic Kharkiv" are conducted on an outpatient basis. After the doctor has appointed a therapeutic plan, it is recommended to follow it carefully, so that the treatment is as quick and effective as possible. After completing the course of medication or physical therapy, it is recommended to come for a follow-up examination.

In no case should you delay the visit to the otolaryngologist, if a painful symptomatology or the chronic pathology of ENT organs begin to exacerbate. A visit to a doctor in the "ON Clinic Kharkiv" arrange via the phone or the website so that you can receive medical care of high quality in the shortest possible time.

The cost of doctor otolaryngology appointments in Kharkiv (m. Pushkinska)


Otolaryngologist consultation
370 uah.
ONLINE Consultation with an otolaryngologist
370 uah.

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