Treatment of stye in Kharkov

Sty is one of the most common ophthalmic pathologies familiar to almost everyone. This is an infectious inflammation of the sebaceous gland or eyelash hair sac. As a rule, sty almost does not affect visual acuity, but it causes discomfort and pain.

The appearance of sty in children and adults suggests that the immune system is weakened, and an infection (for instance, staphylococcus) is parasitic in the body. People who are diagnosed with disorders in the endocrine system (for instance, diabetes), chronic diseases are at risk.

Causes of sty

Sty on the eyelid may appear due to ophthalmic diseases, hygiene breaches, hypothermia, respiratory diseases. Pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, helminthic invasions, as well as dermatological skin lesions can provoke this occurrence. The use of poor-quality cosmetics and vitamin deficiency can also lead to inflammation.

Sty in children

If sty appears in a child, you need to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist. Inflammation often appears in children in the setting of immature immunity, hypothermia, as well as due to the development of tonsillitis, sinusitis and blepharitis. Do not self-medicate, because children's eyes are still forming, and seemingly harmless symptoms can lead to serious complications. Incorrect treatment can cause irreparable damage to children's eyesight.

Effective treatment of sty

The ophthalmology department of medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is fitted with new diagnostic equipment. Here you can undergo eye examination by ophthalmologist, get an individual consultation on how to treat sty. After visual check and a series of studies (palpation of the affected area, biomicrophthalmoscopy, other diagnostic procedures), the doctor will select anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs, immunostimulants, as well as physiotherapy.

You can make an appointment at the ophthalmology department of “ON Clinic Kharkiv” by telephone or by using the appointment form on the website. Ophthalmologists receive adults and children by appointment at a convenient time.

The cost of barley treatment in Kharkiv

Full examination by an ophthalmologist (visiometry, ophthalmoscopy, examination of the anterior segment, determination of refraction using CRF)
550 uah. / 523 uah.
Determination of refraction using CRF
250 uah. / 238 uah.
Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics)
350 uah. / 333 uah.
ONLINE Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics)
350 uah. / 333 uah.
ONLINE Ophthalmologist consultation (without diagnostics) abroad
350 uah.

Physicians of ophthalmology department of ON Clinic Kharkiv

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