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Intimate plastic

Intimate plastic surgery is not a fantastic invention, taken from the books.

This is a great opportunity for men and women to escape sexual complexes, feel attractive and love your body.

Intimate plastic surgery becomes very popular not only in Europe but also in our country. Such operations help to hide any visible defects, improve sexual self-esteem and be attractive to the opposite sex.

In the "ON Clinic Kharkiv" intimate plastic for women includes:

  • hymenoplasty;
  • defloration.

Men service is a frenulum plastic.

All the "intimate" surgery in ON Clinic Kharkov carried out by experienced aesthetic surgeons. Miniinvasive techniques help patient to avoid pain and discomfort, individual approach to patient's medical problem copes psychological stress and fear of upcoming manipulations.

On average, the intimate operation do not last more than an hour and take place only after a preliminary examination of patient's genitals, anamnesis and lab tests., Patient leaves the doctor's office right after surgery and goes home. Doctor will provide detailed recommendations for recovery after miniinvasive surgery individually.

What problems solves the intimate plastic?

Intimate plastics Clinic is an effective remedy which improves your love life. Surgery invasive interventions are fraught with danger and riskily for both men and women overall health and well-being. Intimate plastic in Kharkov is performed using local anesthesia. This is a chance to avoid the effects of general anesthesia, and to rearrange personal life.

Doctor helps to select "intimate" surgery according the patient's problem. For example, surgical defloration required when woman experiences pain during virginity deprivation. A qualified surgeon will remove hymen, releasing a woman and her partner from problem.

If the representative of gentle sex for various reasons (eg, psychological, religious) wants to restore the hymen, reconstruction surgery is performed. The procedure result helps to bring a new experience in sex life, find inner harmony and peace of mind, to avoid unpleasant situations in family.

Consult your doctor whatever the cause of the "intimate" surgery. He will tell you exactly how to solve your problem using the latest achievements of aesthetic surgery.

To live a full sexual life, forget about complexes and internal sexual fears can be today. Make an appointment to your doctor in medical center "ON CLINIC Kharkov". You can use phone or the feedback form placed on the site.

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