Vacuum aspiration (mini-abortion) in "ON Clinic Kharkov"

Vacuum aspiration or mini-abortion is a medical procedure for abortion performed under local anesthesia using a vacuum aspirator. Compared to surgical abortion, appointed in later pregnancy terms, it has several advantages:

  • Less traumatic

  • Minimal health risks for women

  • Short rehabilitation period

  • Minimal psychological discomfort

  • No need for hospitalization and the possibility of an immediate return to normal life.

You can make a vacuum abortion up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus can be easily separated from the uterus and no scraping is necessary. It reduces the risk of the uterus damage and bleeding. The vascular network is not affected and the cervix is only slightly affected. Thanks to this, a woman quickly gets well and does not experience discomfort after the procedure.

Before a safe pregnancy termination is appointed, the patient undergoes a gynecological consultation. The gynecologist evaluates the general condition of a woman, refers her to general tests, takes a vaginal swab and appoints ultrasound to exclude the ectopic attachment of the fetal egg. After this, a vacuum pregnancy termination is scheduled.

Vacuum aspiration is performed under local anesthesia. It helps to avoid additional body burden of general anesthesia. The procedure takes up to half an hour and causes the patient minimum discomfort. After the procedure, a woman can immediately return to her usual way of life: go to work or study. However, you should avoid significant physical loads and sexual intercourse for 3 weeks before the full recovery of the uterine mucous.

Indications for vacuum abortion

Artificial termination of pregnancy is carried out for the following reasons:

  • Discovered developmental disorders

  • Chronic diseases that prevent normal child-bearing

  • Mental disorders

  • Infectious diseases that may affect correct fetal development (for example, viral hepatitis or rubella)

  • Missed miscarriage.

Not all indications oblige to interrupt pregnancy. In most cases, a woman should decide and her doctor can only recommend the safest option. Preparation for a vacuum abortion is necessary to assess the overall health of the patient. During the preparatory phase, contraindications to vacuum abortion are excluded:

  • Acute infectious diseases

  • Ectopic fetal development

  • Blood diseases

  • Recent childbirth

  • More than 6-8 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation.

Safe abortion is possible only if the patient is treated early. This is directly related to the physiology of the fetal development: the egg is loosely attached to the uterine wall and can be removed without scraping of the uterine cavity. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the gynecologist as soon as possible to conduct the procedure. One of the important advantages of vacuum aspiration for a woman is rapid recovery: you can plan to conceive already in 2 months. Before this, it is recommended to use barrier contraception to prevent conception.

Qualified gynecologists carry out early pregnancy termination in Kharkov. Their experience and modern medical equipment guarantee patients quick and safe procedure. To register for a primary consultation, please, fill in the online form on this website or call contact numbers of "ON Clinic Kharkov".

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Obstetrician-gynecologist, the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics. The first category. Experience over 25 years.


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