Treatment of Thyroid disorders in "ON Clinic Kharkov"

Thyroid hormones regulate the basic metabolic processes in the body and are responsible for the maturation and development of organs. Therefore, thyroid dysfunctions lead to complex disorders of all systems: nervous, genitourinary, cardiovascular system, etc. If the thyroid gland does not fulfill its functions at an early age, the child's physical and mental development slows down. Hypothyroidism during pregnancy provokes spontaneous abortions and adversely affects the fetus development. To avoid severe diseases, it is recommended to consult regularly a qualified endocrinologist.

Another danger is that symptoms of thyroid diseases are not specific at early stages: a person often thinks that they are signs of vitamin deficiency or common fatigue. However, you should start worrying if you have the following signs of the disease:

  • Sudden change in weight

  • Tearfulness, irritability, unmotivated mood swings

  • Constant sense of weakness

  • Shortness of breath, decreased physical activity

  • Constant sense of thirst

  • Pressure and sensation of a foreign object in the neck

  • Blood pressure swings

  • Rapid or slow heartbeat when you are calm

  • Dryness and pallor of the skin.

If you have these symptoms, you should check for thyroid diseases. The doctor refers you to ultrasound and prescribes a blood test. Modern laboratory tests can accurately determine hormone levels, measure the thyroid gland, and detect even the smallest neoplasms. If the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction if confirmed, an effective treatment is prescribed. The earlier the therapy is started, the more likely it is to quickly restore the normal function of the gland and to avoid dangerous complications.

Causes of thyroid disease 

Many factors influence the correct functioning of the thyroid gland. Experts consider the following factors the main reasons of the disease development:

  • Unbalanced nutrition with insufficient iodine content

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Excessive psychoemotional stress

  • Poor ecological situation

  • Radiation contamination

  • Hormonal dysfunctions

  • Taking certain medications without medical supervision.

Consultation of the endocrinologist allowed establishing precisely the state of the thyroid gland and developing the optimal treatment scheme of the dysfunction. The most common pathologies of the thyroid gland are:

  • Struma: an increase of thyroid gland in size (a "goiter" develops), associated with inadequate iodine intake

  • Graves disease: an autoimmune disease characterized by a slight increase of the gland and an increased production of hormones. At the same time, heart and brain diseases develop.

  • Hyperthyroidism: hyperfunction, which accelerates metabolism in the body. This causes the body to "work flat out" and leads to dangerous complications of thyroid diseases, up to coma.

  • Hypothyroidism: this condition is associated with inadequate hormone production, which disturbs metabolic processes in organs and tissues, their development slows down.

Depending on the diagnosed disease, a suitable therapy is selected. Usually, the endocrinologist prescribes medication to restore normal hormone levels. After successful recovery, it is necessary to prevent relapse, which includes taking iodine-containing drugs, keeping a special diet and limiting alcohol consumption.

The comprehensive treatment of thyroid diseases in Kharkov in the medical center "ON Clinic" is carried out with the help of modern techniques that allow you to quickly restore thyroid function and to live a full life again. You can register for the first consultation with a specialist by phone or using the online form on this website.

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