History of the Corporation On Clinic

The famous Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol said: "There is no skillful and ingenious doctor who will undertake to treat the disease until he knows the whole course of it, and all its bends, accompanying its circumstances." It is difficult to argue. After all, a real doctor should promote healing of his patient.

Over the years, namely since the opening of the first clinic in 1987, the corporation «On Clinic International» has helped more than 1.5 million people to overcome intimate diseases. The public corporation recognized the corporation as a world leader in specializations of dermatology and urology, proctology and gynecology.

The network of clinics is represented by 59 branches located in Australia, Europe and Asia. Our doctors are in constant communication with each other, share experiences and lessons learned. Annually, there are educational internships that help summarize the information collected, to find new ways to solve gynecological, proctologic, urological and dermatological problems.

Each clinic has modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as qualified personnel. The patient receives an individual treatment program and effective medicines after the examination and study of the disease history. The visit card of «On Clinic International» is a combination of high level of service and effective treatment. You can make an appointment to see a doctor at a convenient time, avoiding the anxious waiting in a queue.

Moreover, today, residents throughout Ukraine may become ON Clinic patients. Since autumn of 2015 the network of ON Clinic in Ukraine has teamed up with a network of medical centers "DoktorPRO", which allows visits of highly qualified professionals in virtually every geographically advantageous part of the country.

Combining the two health networks in Ukraine will allow select a clinic that geographically convenient to a visit. The patient has an opportunity to receive effective treatment in the city without departing from the everyday affairs.

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