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Feedback about Physicians-gynecologist ОN Clinic

I visited the doctor Shapovalova Alyona Sergeyevna. She made a very good impression on me. She is a very attentive and correct doctor. The examination was carried out gently and delicately, she clarified the health problems of other organs which doctors rarely do. I am very glad that I visited a true professional of her craft. Highly recommended.
Adeline, Kharkiv, 14.01.2020
Hello. Thank you for the positive feedback. Shapovalova Alyona Sergeyevna is a qualified doctor, always ready to provide support and due attention to each patient. We are pleased that visit to our specialist was comfortable and productive for you. We wish you good health and stay positive.
Service Quality Control Department
I want to thank the doctor Shapovalova Alyona Sergeyevna for a high-quality consultation. The doctor was attentive, she listened and gave competent recommendations for treatment. I would also like to thank the administrator Kinash Nadezhda for giving clear and kind consultation and showing me the way to the doctor!
Anastasia, Kharkiv, 19.12.2019
Hello Anastasia. Thank you for your sincere feedback and your unbiased opinion. We are pleased that you were satisfied with the result of visiting our doctor. We agree with you, we employ qualified specialists who are attentive to each patient and also use advanced medical equipment in their work. We wish you good health and well-being.
Service Quality Control Department
I visited Dr. Lukash Tatyana Ivanovna at On Clinic in Kharkov. We have known Tatyana Ivanovna for about 20 years. This is a very qualified specialist and a very, very good, positive person. She always shows an attentive attitude, she communicates with a smile and in a good mood. And the result always makes me happy. If you need a qualified gynecologist then definitely contact Tatyana Ivanovna.
Marianna, Kharkiv, 05.12.2019
Hello Marianna. We are pleased that in the person of our specialist, Tatyana Ivanovna Lukash, you have found a doctor whom you were able to entrust your health with. We understand the importance of a positive emotional relationship with the attending physician. One of the main principles of the work of the clinic of our Network is the comfort of each patient, only qualified specialists work in our work who use advanced medical equipment in their work. Thank you for choosing “ON Clinic Kharkov” and positive feedback. Be healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Thank you for your help. One thing is sure.I could not have done anything without yor all. All you have done mean a lot to me. You are the best.
El, Kharkiv, 04.12.2019
Good afternoon. Thank you for your positive feedback. We are pleased that you were satisfied with the result of an appeal to "ON Clinic Kharkiv". Always ready to help in case of need and wish you health!
Service Quality Control Department