Rufanova Anna Anatolievna

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Rufanova Anna Anatolievna Rufanova Anna Anatolievna
Proctologist. The first category. Experience 15 years.
Anna Anatolevna takes part in foreign Internships on minimally invasive treatment methods in Proctology. Since 2010, the Doctor is an Honorary Member of the Association of Surgeons of the Dnipropetrovsk Region. Annually, Anna Anatolevna undergoes thematic improvement courses, participates in Congresses of Coloproctologists, Scientific and Practice Conferences on Proctology. Patients call her a Doctor with a capital D, attentive and responsive specialist.
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2006 - graduated from the master's degree and an internship in surgery with distinction.
2006 - 2nd Congress of Coloproctologists of Ukraine with international participation, Lviv.
2008 - graduated from the clinical residency in surgery with distinction.
2010 - training on minimally invasive therapies in proctology, St. Petersburg.
2011 - The 3rd Congress of Coloproctologists of CIS, Odessa.
2012 - Russian School of Colorectal Surgery, Moscow.
2015 - took part and successfully completed a surgical training in the use of the device A.M.I HAL-RAR Doppler Ultrasound Proctoscope in treatment of hemorrhoids at any stage, Odintsovo.

Cost of appointments

Initial appointment with a coloproctologist
410 uah.
Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
370 uah.
Reappointment of a coloproctologist after a regulated period
410 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation appointment with a coloproctologist
370 uah.
ONLINE-Reappointment of a coloproctologist after a regulated period
410 uah.
ONLINE Re-admission of a coloproctologist after a regulated period abroad
420 uah.
ONLINE Repeated consultation with a coloproctologist abroad
450 uah.
ONLINE Endoscopist consultation
350 uah.
Endoscopist's consultation
350 uah.
VGDS with chromoscopy
1450 uah.
290 uah.
ONLINE Consultation of an endoscopist abroad
350 uah.
Video gastroduodenoscopy
1000 uah.
1350 uah.
Urease test
200 uah.
Electrocardiography without decoding
200 uah.
Electrocardiography with decoding
250 uah.
Electroencephalography (EEG)
420 uah.

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I am very pleased to come to a professional in her sphere, to Anna Anatolyevna Rufanova. I underwent non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas in one session with the help of photocoagulation technology and the surgitron apparatus. I really liked the positive attitude and the inexhaustible optimism that instilled...
Valentina , 07.04.2020. Show answer
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