Levchenko Alina Vladimirovna

Levchenko Alina Vladimirovna Levchenko Alina Vladimirovna
Physician, dermatologist. Work experience 2 years.
Alina Vladimirovna keeps on improving her professional level, participates in research-to-practice conferences. The doctor is always careful and kind to her patients.
Вернуться назад к описанию врача
2016 - took courses with a degree in: «Cosmetologist- esthetician».
2017 - graduated from Kharkov National Medical University, faculty of «General Medicine».
2019 - participation in the scientific-practical conference «Modern approaches to the management of cardiovascular risks».
2019 - participation in the conference of the Donetsk Regional Society of Neuropathologists.
2019 - рarticipation in the scientific-practical conference «Modern aspects of rheumatology: nomenclature, diagnosis and treatment of diseases».
2019 - participation in the workshop «Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of patients with arrhythmias».

Cost of appointments

Initial appointment with a dermatologist with digital dermatoscopy
450 uah.
Initial appointment with a dermatovenerologist
400 uah.
Repeated appointment with a dermatovenerologist
350 uah.
Reappointment of a dermatovenerologist after a regulated period
380 uah.
ONLINE-Primary appointment with a dermatovenerologist
400 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated appointment of a dermatovenerologist
280 uah.
ONLINE-Reappointment of a dermatovenerologist after a regulated period
340 uah.
ONLINE Admission of a dermatologist to patients diagnosed with psoriasis abroad
250 uah.
ONLINE Re-admission of a dermatovenerologist abroad
950 uah.
ONLINE Initial reception of a dermatovenerologist abroad
700 uah.
Dermatoscopy (1 element)
100 uah.
Tick ​​removal
605 uah.
ONLINE Endoscopist consultation
200 uah.
Endoscopist's consultation
200 uah.
ONLINE Consultation of an endoscopist abroad
300 uah.
Video gastroduodenoscopy
700 uah.
1400 uah.
Urease test
200 uah.
Electrocardiography without decoding
100 uah.
Electrocardiography with decoding
150 uah.
Electroencephalography (EEG)
350 uah.
Spirography without decoding
200 uah.
GC FLU vaccination
650 uah.
Consultation with a therapist
420 uah.
ONLINE Therapist consultation
420 uah.
ONLINE Consultation of a therapist abroad
450 uah.
Doctor house-call
Calling a dermatovenerologist at home
1500 uah.
Call a rheumatologist at home
1500 uah.
House call of a traumatologist
1500 uah.
Endocrinologist call home
1500 uah.
Calling an infectious disease doctor at home
1500 uah.
Home call from a general practitioner
1300 uah.
Calling a neurologist home
1500 uah.
Home call to a surgeon
1500 uah.
Home call to a pulmonologist
1500 uah.
Calling a cardiologist at home
1500 uah.
Calling the infectious disease doctor home on Sunday or holidays
1800 uah.
Call a therapist home for patients with confirmed COVID
1500 uah.
Call a therapist at home on Sunday, holidays
1400 uah.
Nurse call at home
800 uah.
Nurse call at home (distance up to 30 km)
1200 uah.
Nurse call at home (distance more than 30 km)
2000 uah.
Call a phlebologist home
1500 uah.

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