Main Causes of Papillomavirus

Human papillomavirus or HPV is a common viral disease diagnosed in 60% of the world's population. A person can be a carrier of the virus for several years without suspecting it. However, with the immunity weakens, the following symptoms of papillomavirus can develop:

  • Pointed condylomas on skin: small growths resembling a crest

  • Itching papillomas on the external genitalia and near the anus

  • Warty growths on the vagina and rectum walls, in the uterine cavity.

Symptoms depend on the virus strain. In some types of the disease, neoplasms on mucous tissues do not appear but a person is a carrier of HPV and can transmit it to others. Most often, infection occurs:

  • Through direct contact: through common dishes, hygiene supplies

  • During a sexual intercourse

  • During a childbirth, when a child contacts with the birth canal of the HPV infected mother

Papillomavirus infection makes itself felt with a decrease in immunity. Skin growths often develop against the background of colds and stress. Causes of papillomavirus:

  • Hormonal changes

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Severe stress

  • High mental and physical loads

  • Alcohol abuse.

HPV diagnostics is aimed at identifying the virus and determining its strain. Possible risks, complications and treatment tactics depend on this. The following analyzes are usually assigned to identify the disease:

  • Smear from the urethra or the cervical canal for HPV

  • Blood test for characteristic markers of the disease

  • Scrape cytology of the skin.

Modern examination methods allow establishing the virus presence with high accuracy. When the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor chooses an effective therapy regimen. Papillomavirus cannot be completely cured, but it can be controlled by following all the medical recommendations.

Treatment of HPV in "ON Clinic Dnepr"

Methods of HPV treatment are aimed simultaneously at suppressing the disease and forming a strong immunity that will not allow the virus to manifest itself again. If there are papillomas or condylomas on the body, they are removed by radio wave method. The patient is prescribed antiviral drugs, immunomodulatory medicines and a complex of vitamin supplements. Another PCR test is performed 6 months after successful therapy.

HPV is dangerous for its consequences. It is one of the most oncogenic viruses because it provokes the development of malignant tumors. Complications of papillomavirus infection are cancer of the rectum, uterus, bladder, melanoma, neoplasms in the mammary glands. To prevent the development of dangerous diseases, you need to undergo a medical examination regularly. Prevention of papillomavirus includes the following steps:

  • Compliance with personal hygiene rules

  • Healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, moderate use or refusal of alcohol

  • Use of barrier contraception, especially with a new sexual partner.

Experienced doctors of our medical center offer qualitative and effective treatment of human papillomavirus in Dnipro. Modern diagnostic equipment allows you to identify the virus strain and monitor the therapy course. Highly qualified specialists, friendly attitude, and guarantee of confidentiality of all information are waiting for patients in our center. You can make an appointment through the website

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