Anal fimbriae - treatment in “ON Clinic Dnepr”

Proctologists of “ON Clinic Dnepr” are responsible not only for the health of the rectum, but also for the aesthetic appearance of such an intimate part of the body as the anus. The anal fimbriae, papillae and polyps that arise in it cause not only physical discomfort, itching of the anus and irritation, but also give rise to constant emotional distress because of their unpleasant appearance.

Patients visiting the medical center “ON Clinic Dnepr” with a similar problem complain of anal itching, deterioration of the quality of intimate life, the emergence of complexes, not to mention the difficulties during personal hygiene procedures. After a comprehensive proctological examination, in the case of determining the benign nature of neoplasms, a solution to all these problems can be proposed.

For a long time, anal formations - fimbriae, papillae and polyps - were removed by proctologists only through a surgery that was performed under local anesthesia, by surgical excision of the tissue with suturing. It is essential that this method is fraught with complications, bleeding, pain and post-operative scars. In modern clinics, the specialists refuse outright from it almost completely.

In some medical institutions, the anal fimbria is removed by cryodestruction - the tissues are treated with liquid nitrogen and destroyed with time. The healing of the tissues, in this case, lasts for several weeks; the appearance of scars on the treated area is also possible.

Modern equipment and qualification of proctologists of the medical center “ON Clinic Dnepr” enables to use the radio wave method to remove anal fringes and polyps. Over several years of use, it has established itself as the most effective, painless and safe for the patient. The removal procedure takes 15-20 minutes, with no bleeding, pain and other side effects. High-frequency radio waves affect only superfluous tissues, without influencing healthy areas. After the treatment, there are no cicatrices or scars, the anal itching disappears, and the patient can return to the daily life and cares that same day.

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