The fact remains that the ENT diseases are most common in frequency, both among children and among the adult population. ENT diseases are often the result of colds, bronchitis, influenza, but may appear as an independent disease, arising from infection entering the body with weakened immune system.

Diseases of the ear, nose and throat at first glance seem "innocent", but in reality, they hide in themselves great danger, due to the anatomical location of proximity of these organs to the human brain. So advanced forms of sinusitis, otitis media, sinusitis greatly impair the function of nasal breathing, sense of smell, hearing, and as a result, lead to intracranial complications. A consequence of chronic tonsillitis is often rheumatic heart, joints and kidneys failure.

The reason for going to the doctor can be a normal running nose, breathing problems, ear pain, hearing loss, cough, sore throat, hoarseness.

Whom to contact when you feel discomfort in the nose, ear or throat?

In August 2015, the medical center ON Clinic Dnepr has opened a new branch of otolaryngology. Already during the first visit the doctor of the highest category, will conduct diagnostics, including an instrumental and apparatus examination, diagnosis and information about treatment options. The whole examination is carried out comfortably for the patient (without pain) due to modern equipment, which is available in the clinic. 

The department of otolaryngology ON Clinic Dnepr carries out treatment of the following diseases:

  • sinusitis
  • rhinitis, including allergic and chronic
  • tonsillitis
  • otitis
  • pharyngitis
  • laryngitis
  • upper respiratory tract acute respiratory infections
  • removal of foreign bodies from the nose, ear and throat
  • cerumen
  • chronic inflammation of the middle ear
  • nasal obstruction, including chronic.

Survey of an otolaryngologist includes:

  • anamnesis;
  • nstrumental diagnostics;
  • doctor's consultation; 
  • treatment regimen.

Otolaryngologist is receiving both adult patients and children (under 18 years) accompanied by their parents.

The cost of admission of an otolaryngologist:

 Initial evaluation of an otolaryngologist    250 UAH 
 Re-examination of the otolaryngologist   160 UAH 
 Initial evaluation of children   250 UAH 


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Otolaryngologist. Second category. Experience 11 years.

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