Premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation

Premature ejaculation in men is inability to control ejaculation sufficiently for both partners satisfaction from a sexual intercourse. This is the ejaculation that occurs with minimal sexual stimulation. Involuntary premature ejaculation is a fairly common sexual dysfunction, occurs in approximately 30-40% of men, especially at young age. The fastest ejaculation occurs just with young people.

If a man gets great inconvenience because of premature ejaculation, what to do? After all, often rapid ejaculation draws attention of the partner. Thus, involuntary premature ejaculation is not only medical but also social problem, since it leads to a decrease in self-esteem in men and the quality of sexual life of couples.

Rapid ejaculation is divided into absolute and relative rapid ejaculation in men. Absolute premature ejaculation is said of when duration of sexual intercourse is less than 2 minutes. The relative one – when duration of sexual intercourse is more than 2 minutes, but the duration is not sufficient for both partners for sexual satisfaction.

Why does early ejaculation occur?

  • high excitability of the nervous system, high sensitivity of the balanus;
  • a variety of spinal cord injury;
  • urological diseases (prostatitis, inflammation of seed tubercle and so forth.);
  • impaired erection.

What to do with the early ejaculation?

Treatment of premature ejaculation is only possible after finding out the true cause. To do this, there carried out a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient, which is held by an andrologist.

How to get rid of abnormal ejaculation or rapid ejaculation problem:

  • psychotherapy (training of methods of control);
  • medication (treatment of diseases caused by rapid or spontaneous ejaculation: inflammation of the prostate gland, increased excitability of the nervous system and so on.);
  • Operational (with a short fraenulum or hypersensitivity of the balanus).

Depending on the cause of premature ejaculation, the treatment is carried out using the drug, physical therapy, injection or microsurgical correction of ejaculation. An experienced urologist will tell you how to prevent premature ejaculation in men.

For example, at the balanus hypersensitivity, causing an accelerated or premature ejaculation, treatment is carried out with the help of conservative therapy with the use of biotechnology, reducing the sensitivity of the balanus.

Psychotherapy is also successfully applied

It allows to carry out the so-called "training" with the patient according to the methods of sexual therapy. In particular, ejaculation disorders can be restored using the methods "stop-start" or "compression". Man acquires control over the erection skills that will allow during intercourse to stimulate the process, and eventually get to fully perform the natural function. An important aspect of what is happening is understanding of the second partner of such therapy.

Causes of rapid ejaculation in men or premature ejaculation

To understand, how to get rid of this disorder one need to be examined by a urologist / andrologist and find sources that provided the impetus to development of the disease. For example, there are physiological reasons for premature ejaculation.

These include:

  • increased sensitivity of the balanus;
  • chronic vesicles (inflammation of the seminal vesicles);
  • disruption of the internal organs (there due to damage of the lumbosacral spinal cord, inflammatory urological diseases).

Another reason for the rapid ejaculation is hormonal disorders. Poisoning by hazardous substances is also a cause of rapid ejaculation in men.

Causes of rapid ejaculation in men

Psychological causes of premature ejaculation are fears (occur most often on the basis of an unsuccessful first experience), lack of trust between partners, chronic stress.

Rapid ejaculation problem can occur at any age. But the majority of these cases revealed by urologists / andrologists in teenagers and young adults who have just become sexually active. Most often these disorders come with age – after receiving adequate sexual experience. And most of all, in this case a partner’s support works out, not the doctor. So this cause of early ejaculation is not a major concern.

Physiological and psychological causes of premature ejaculation in men affect men's health. And that is why they require urgent treatment. To hope that mature a men will pass the problem on his own – it is silly. You need professional help. So do not put off the visit to the urologist, if there were ever any problems in the sexual sphere. Moreover, the causes of premature ejaculation in men can be very different, and it is possible that you need help of other doctors.

Types of violations

Early ejaculation is release of seminal fluid in a short period of time, lack of satisfaction from sexual intercourse for both partners.

Distinguished two types:

  1. primary;
  2. secondary.

Primary is innate. Associated with malfunction of the nerve centers that regulate the process of ejaculation. Quite rare. Another reason for the rapid ejaculation – birth trauma or disturbance of fetal development. In this case, problems arise from the first sexual experience.

The secondary one appears in a result of infections, injuries, following administartion of certain drugs. At the same time a man, most of all, already has an experience of normal sexual intercourse, and ejaculatory reflex is formed and can be reduced. Premature ejaculation in men in this case, is treated by a urologist.

Delusions and the causes of premature ejaculation

Two decades ago, among the doctors it was assumed that the man who can not have intercourse longer than 2 minutes, has problems with potency. Early ejaculation or fast is an occasion for complexes with many men. Therefore, doctors revised this view and now there determined entirely different time frames: only if it happened before or at the beginning of intercourse (less than 4-5 frictions). If the duration of sexual intercourse satisfy both sexual partners, this is to say that there is no problem of premature ejaculation.

However, due to lack of information, many men operate with myths: that sexual intercourse should last from half an hour or more. Though the urologists state – from 2 to 6 minutes. But rapid ejaculation in men happens often enough. Especially at the beginning of sexual activity, when a guy is overexcited or very nervous. In the future, it can be projected onto the entire future love life, lead to psychological problems.

Is it possible to cure premature ejaculation?

Drug treatment of premature ejaculation is possible! Your sex life can once again bring the desired pleasure. Now you define the length of the contact!

How to cure premature ejaculation?

Important! Rapid ejaculation in men treatment should be performed by a qualified expert after a determination of the cause. A complete examination is a chance to eliminate the wrong diagnosis and eliminate premature ejaculation forever.

Modern treatment of premature ejaculation can be conducted by an andrologist or urologist. The methodology of the program may include the following methods:

  • psychotherapy;
  • medication;
  • in rare cases – surgery.

The latter option is used when a patient is diagnosed with a short fraenulum or increased sensitivity of the balanus.

Treatment of premature ejaculation in the psychological methods include patient’s education of the techniques of control over ejaculation, with medication – elimination of spontaneous end of sexual intercourse process.

Also used:

  • physiotherapy;
  • dosage adjustment;
  • injection correction.

They help to bring back to normal ejaculation.

Remember: folk remedies can be used only after consultation with a specialist. Otherwise the process can get worse without the possibility to return at least the original level of the problem.

In the medical center ON Clinic every man will receive effective treatment for premature ejaculation or rapid ejaculation. Our experts will establish the cause of the problem and pick an effective way of treatment. Forget about self-medication and use of a condom with a lubricant! In most cases this does not solve the problem, but creates a new one. Make an appointment with an experienced doctor!

How to get rid of premature ejaculation: Tips ON Clinic

How to get rid of quick ejaculation?

In this regard, only a specialist can help. Self-treatment by the advice, as read on the Internet, – the first error. The use of oak bark or alcohol, use of special gels and condoms with anesthetics – not an option. How to get rid of premature ejaculation will be told by an urologist or andrologist for your particular case. Every man is individual and his reproductive system is no exception.

How to avoid early ejaculation?

To begin with – make an appointment with a doctor. Perhaps the reason lies only on a psychological level. There is no shame in the help of a psychologist. A man, as a woman, has a personal or business problems that lead to stress and depression. Sometimes they affect ejaculation. Your doctor will tell you how to relax and learn to control ejaculation during the intercourse.

How to treat rapid ejaculation?

The choice of method depends on the reason for which this process occurs. How to prevent premature ejaculation will be determined by the doctor by the results of the patient survey. It may be sufficient to have psychological or medical method of treatment. The most common cases of combined treatment, is when both are used.

If the cause of the disease lies deeper (in the peculiarities of structure of the penis) than a surgery can help. However, how to treat premature ejaculation and what method is best to apply only an experienced specialist will decide. You only need to implement his recommendations.

In ON Clinic you will get professional help and complete anonymity. Your problem can quickly disappear if you will have responsibility to come to this decision. Make an appointment! Be healthy!

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