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Papillomas and condillomas in and men do not constitute a health hazard, but delaying their removal is not necessary, because they are very contagious. Not only the penis sharp-edged condilloma are physiological deviations, they look aesthetically unattractive than worsens the emotional state of a man.

Description of the disease

Penis condillomas are benign neoplasms, something resembling warts. They may have a fragmented structure and be combined into larger clusters, getting red or light pink color. Usually, sharp-edged condillomas in men are located in the immediate vicinity to the fraenulum or the coronal sulcus. Also, they can be found on the skin of the penis and, in some rare cases, in the external urethral opening.

Causes of condillomas in men. Symptoms.

The causative agent of sharp-edged condillomas in men is the human papilloma virus (HPV). To date, practice of medicine knows more than seventy varieties of the virus, thirty of which provoke proliferation of condillomas.

Symptoms of the disease include acute pain when urinating and during intimacy. Pain can be felt in different penis areas, depending on the swell localization.

What are consequences of sharp-edged condillomas

Despite the fact that condilloma is a benign tumor, it must be removed as soon as possible. Because, besides the fact that it interferes with healthy and fulfilling sexual life, it also does not observe basic rules of personal hygiene. In the genital area, condillomas in men are easily subjected to mechanical damage, which are fraught with serious complications in the future.

Removal of papillomas and sharp-edged condillomas on the penis in ON Clinic

Specialists of ON Clinic medical center department of urology have extensive experience of painless and non-surgical removal of papillomas and condillomas in men, through the use of radiofrequency treatment with Surgitron device.

Radio-waves is a modern efficient technique that allows to get rid of condillomas or papillomas on the penis in just a few short sessions.

Radio wave surgery is completely safe for human health – notable for the fact that in the course of it, the surrounding healthy tissues remain intact.

This disease brings a lot of inconvenience in daily life, so why to tolerate it? Just one phone call and you will be able to completely get rid of the penis condillomas.

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