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Shockwave therapy while treating erectile dysfunctions

Today, the widespread use of innovative technologies allows the treatment of various diseases even more efficiently than before. Such a branch of ​​medicine as urology was no exception. In this field, extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) has become one of the most effective methods for curing urological diseases.

The price of shock-wave therapy depends on the duration of the course of treatment. You can find out more information by calling on the contact phone number posted on the ON Clinic website.

With this technique, waves of different frequencies with a high amplitude of oscillations and a short-acting impulse are used, which, penetrating into the tissues, affect the male urogenital system, activate the rehabilitation processes and increase blood circulation. The entire course of treatment with shock-wave therapy in the ON Clinic conducted under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist or urologist.

Our center of shock-wave therapy successfully uses this method to solve problems with erection. Many men do not dare to visit a doctor with illnesses of the urogenital system, which leads to aggravation of problems and complicates the healing process. In our clinic, the most comfortable conditions are created, which have frankness with qualified doctors, and reception by appointment allows you to avoid waiting in queues.

The shock-wave therapy procedure is conducted with the help of the modern ED1000 device, which has been take acknowledgement by the doctors of many European clinics. This system allows you safely and in the shortest possible time re-experience the full life of every man suffering from erectile dysfunction. Already from the 1st session of extracorporeal shock-wave therapy, improvements can be seen.

The method of shock-wave therapy leads in comparison with other traditional methods of dealing with disorders of the male intimate sphere. Many medical methods have not only side effects, but also have no long-term effect. The result of the treatment of ESWT is longer and works wherever the well-known “blue pills” of instant action no longer cope.

Ways of treating erectile dysfunction are quite numerous and varied in different clinics, but if you decide to entrust your health to our Medical Center ON Clinic Kharkiv, make an appointment by contact phone or use the feedback form posted on the website.

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