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Psoriasis of the scalp

Many people do not take psoriasis of the scalp at the early stages as a serious threat to their health considering this disease just a cosmetic defect. It is a big mistake with very serious consequences.

Disease description. Symptoms

Head psoriasis is accompanied with inflamed red plaques on the skin body. Places with psoriasis are covered with thin silver-coloured scales. Person affected with psoriasis feels constant discomfort caused by intense itching and unpleasant pain sensation.

After-effects of psoriasis of the scalp

Treatment of head psoriasis should be started from the first signs of its occurrence, as over time it will run lower affecting healthy areas of skin. There are known cases when long-term negligence of disease resulted in psoriasis affecting the whole body making the life of a person unbearable. All this can be avoided if start head psoriasis treatment in a timely manner and without delay with a help of qualified trichologist.

Methods of head psoriasis treatment used in practice 

Specialists of medical centre “ON Clinic” will help you to get rid of such unpleasant trouble as psoriasis of the scalp. This disease is treated using unique medications and modern medical equipment. Externally applied medications (shampoos, creams, gels) contain Dead Sea products and different antifungal additives. Application of these medications together with general tonic therapy helps to achieve high results during the testament of head psoriasis.

Treatment and diagnostics of head psoriasis at “ON Clinic”

We did everything possible to make our patients feel as comfortably as possible. During even the first examination you will undergo complete physical examination and diagnosticated precisely. During consultation, the doctor will collect all necessary information on the symptoms and rate of disease development.

For examination of hair covering and head skin. “ON Clinic” uses digital diagnostics method. During examination, multiply zoomed image of the area of hair covering effected with psoriasis are displayed on the computer screen where it is well seen the damage level of hair and head skin covering. Upon completion of examination, stock photography is created for each patient enabling the trichologist to check the dynamics of recovery process comparing initial image with every other. This helps to assess the effectiveness of head psoriasis treatment.Treatment of head psoriasis at “ON Clinic” distinguishes by its high performance indicators!

Medical centre “ON Clinic” will help you to get rid of such unpleasant trouble as head psoriasis within a short space of time. Treatment at our medical centre is a vote of confidence and performance!
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