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Hair loss in men and women

Irrespective of gender and age, we always want to look well. Hair is one of the important attributes of our appearance. When you meet new people or during the interview, the other person always pays attention to your hair, although not exclusively on its beauty and styling, but on its health as well.

Hair loss may have different causes and not always it is connected with age or hereditary background.

Hair loss in men and women: causes

For the most part, hair thinning in young men and women is caused by stresses and nerve strains. During stress situations capillary tubes on the head compress, thus limiting blood supply to papillas, through which hair obtains nutrient materials. Permanent stress and nervous tension can cause hair loss within several weeks.

Hair loss in women often occurs in the setting of serious hormonal changes, for instance during the pregnancy.
Our hair and skin can tell easily whether we have healthy eating. Fatty food with high carbohydrate status causes intense discharge of sebaceous matter which can lead not only to dandruff, but to sebborhea as well, a disease also resulting in hair loss in men and women.

Danger of hair loss on head

Everything happens for a reason in our body. If nobody suffered from baldness in your family, whereas you have rapid hair thinning – this is a reason to consult not only a trichologist but also to undergo complex examination as this can be a symptom of serious disease.
Plenty of serious dermatologic diseases are accompanied with hair loss, therefore it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible, otherwise you run a risk to lose all hair forever.

Hair loss: treatment at “ON Clinic”

The specialists of medical centre “ON Clinic” have been successfully dealing with baldness for a long period time. Hair loss in men and women can be treated by means of high-quality and effective medications. It is a broad range of different shampoos, creams and pastes which together with physical procedures strengthen the hair effectively in order to prevent its loss. All applied medications are absolutely safe for health. Besides, the doctors at “ON Clinic” proceed to treatment only after a wide range of all required examinations in order to study case history, make phototrichogram and identify all possible allergic reaction to these medications.

If you face with such a problem as hair loss, treatment at “ON Clinic” will help you to maintain your beauty and health.
In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.


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