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Dandruff and head skin itching

Almost every third person knows firsthand what dandruff is. We cannot say that dandruff is a dangerous disease; however, it causes many inconveniences and discomfort in everyday life. Think what a shame it is, especially for ladies, when someone first notices “white snow” on your gorgeous black blouse on the shoulder and draws attention to it. The situation is far from being pleasant. Specialists of medical centre “ON Clinic” know how to get rid of dandruff; the information is described below.

Causes of dandruff occurrence 

Dandruff of head skin may be caused differently. One of the most common factors is hormone imbalance. This is why most teenagers have head dandruff during pubertal period.

Dandruff is a signal of our body indicating that it is necessary to review food ration as well as life style. If you eat much fatty or sugary food, smoke, sleep not enough and you are stress-susceptible – it is safe to say that you have dandruff. Though a person may have dandruff and scalp itching even in case of и proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. This may happen due to mismatched shampoo. If you have sensitive head skin, you need to read carefully information on label while choosing shampoo.

How does dandruff form on the head?

Regeneration of our skin is a permanent process which happens every day during the whole life. Normal life cycle of skin cell is one month; during this time a cell goes gradually up from the lower skin layers to the upper ones. After that the cell dies and turns into dust. If a person has pathometabolism or he suffers from some disease, the cells from lower skin layers get into its surface much faster, they accumulate and gain off-white colour, this is dandruff.
This process is followed by such unpleasant symptoms as head itching and hair root irritation.

Danger of head skin dandruff?

In spite of all promises from TV screens to help to get rid of dandruff within a couple of weeks with a help of some brand new shampoo, this is by no means always the case. Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of dandruff; besides, it can be a cause of development of such disease as seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis.

Intense itching of head skin which often occurs in case of dandruff is very dangerous. Infection can get into the small wounds while scratching. Head dandruff must never be underestimated, do not consider it to be simple cosmetic unpleasantness – dandruff can be a cause of serious problems with head skin in future.

Head itch and dandruff: treatment at medical centre “ON Clinic” 

We know how to get rid of dandruff and we will help you with this! For the purposes of treatment we use effective shampoos and medications which are unique means as they are developed at “ON Clinic” laboratories and are non-available on the wide market. In the course of the complete physical examination , trichologist determines the causes of dandruff occurrence on the head and selects individual treatment method for you.

If you have such problem as dandruff, you need to start treatment as soon as possible. This will not help you to feel better and more confident, but it will also rid you of risk of seborrhea and other skin diseases.
In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.

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