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Damage of hair shaft

Except for its main natural functions, hair is a specific decoration for any person. That is why fragility of hair and split ends can seriously become a killjoy even for the most cheerful person, and especially for a woman – for a woman beautiful hair is an important attribute of her appearance.

Factors affecting hair damage  

There are a lot of reasons why problems with hair health may occur. For instance, many people are clueless as to how badly their hair can be damaged because of the bad mood. Permanent stresses and nervous strains can cause not only split ends, but also serious hair damage. Remember, too much anxiety and stresses are key enemies of your health!

Technical progress gave us comfort and conveniences, but at the same time there are less and less natural things, clothes and even food around us. Seeking for economy, manufacturers of personal-care products often use aggressive chemicals which can cause hair fragility and different skin diseases.
Quite frequently hair problems appear because of malnutrition. There is a good proverb in this respect: “We are what we eat”. Plenty of energy and carbonaceous food can result not only in split ends but it also affects the whole body.

Danger of self-treatment of damaged hair shafts 

Split ends can hardly be called a serious disease but it is advisable to visit trichologist as soon as this defect appears. You should realize that hair ends split for a reason, and not always the reason is a new low-quality shampoo or shower gel.
Hair fragility, damaged hair shafts and other defects of hair covering can be a result of dangerous diseases in our body, and only experienced doctor can diagnosticate them in early stages.

Treatment of split ends and damaged hair shafts at “ON Clinic”

High effective treatment of hair and head skin diseases at “ON Clinic” is achieved due to modern equipment and unique treatment techniques. During examination the experienced trichologist examines hair covering and affected skin areas on the computer monitor after multiple zooming with a help of digital trichoscope. Together with other examinations, it enables to establish very precise diagnosis and to determine the cause of hair weakening and damage.

Hair split ends are treated at medical centre “ON Clinic” using physiotherapeutic procedures and unique medicinal shampoos and creams manufactured at corporation laboratories. All medications used during treatment are unique and non-available at the wide market.

In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.

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