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Neurodermatitis of head skin is extremely unpleasant dermatologic disease. It spoils our look, causes unpleasant and sometimes painful feelings as well it itches terribly. Head neurodermatitis put to trouble our everyday life that is why it is necessary to get rid of this disease as soon as possible.

What is neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis is a dermal disease of neurogenic-allergic nature. It has chronic form and is characterized with frequent attacks which may occur for a variety of reasons, such as: stresses, nerve strains, poor ecology, improper nutrition, etc. Other important factors for neurodermatitis are heredity, poor immunity and different nervous system diseases.

Head neurodermatitis manifests as specific rash like those during psoriasis. In case of neurodermatitis, plaques are covered with thick scales hardly removed from the skin surface. Moist cracks often occur in the area behind the ears. Affected area may occur in a chaotic way and unite in large accumulations.

Head neurodermatitis: symptoms

The first sign is obsessional persistent itching. Sometimes after the past neurodermatitis there can still be an obsessive habit to scratch. The disease is almost insensible at the early stages, but then affected skin becomes reddish and is covered with rush.

Danger of neurodermatitis of scalp

As hair cover neurodermatitis plaques, people often put away the visit to dermatologist for later, but this is a big mistake. The thing is that head neurodermatitis creates favourable conditions for development of different skin infections. And these infections can be very severe as the general decrease in immunity promotes intense generation of microorganisms in inflamed areas affected during persistent scratching.
It is wrong to consider neurodermatitis of scalp as a simple cosmetic defect. This is serious disease to be treated at the first signs of its occurrence.

Head neurodermatitis – treatment at “ON Clinic”

Specialists of medical centre “ON Clinic” have developed effective set of measures for treatment of neurodermatitis and other dermatologic diseases. The treatment is based on the special medications, creams and shampoos non-available oat the wide market in pharmacy chain. All medications used at “ON Clinic” are authentic and certified. During detailed examination and consultation, trichologist will study your anamnesis and detect possible contra-indications. Thanks to these measures, you can manage scalp neurodermatitis without any risk for allergic reaction and negative side effects.
In order to register to visit trichologist specialist at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call the telephone number indicated for your region or to fill in simple registration form on our web-site.

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