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Trichology Deparment in ON Clinic

Trichology is branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hair diseases.

Each one of us, one way or another, every day faced with hair loss. During sleep, shampooing or combing we lose on average 60 to 100 hairs daily. This is a normal physiological process that occurs in the body of any healthy person.

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However, for various reasons in the life cycle of the hair follicle disruptions may occur, due to which a new hair do not have time to replace the fallen one and decreases scalp. This problem can cause a number of negative psychological effects, especially in women, for whom beauty and health of the hair in terms of importance is comparable to figure and appearance. And among men is unlikely there will be those who rejoice this situation.

Causes of hair loss in men and women

There is a lot of variety of negative factors, the result of which is the loss of the hair follicle. This can be anything: unhealthy lifestyle, stress, bad ecology and more. Very often, the hair starts to fall due to substandard care products (shampoo, shower gel, soap). Also, hair loss can be a sign of dermatological diseases developing.

Department of trichology in ON Clinic

The problem of hair loss and its elimination is engaged by a doctor-trichologist. During its existence the department of trichology in our clinic has developed a productive technique to combat such diseases as alopecia areata (hair loss), seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. We will help you to get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp and brittle hair and split ends. An experienced doctor-trichologist will help restore your hair health and beauty.

The treatment of hair loss in ON Clinic

The specialists of the medical center ON Clinic conducted effective treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the hair and scalp. Enrolling for the initial examination, you will be able to complete a full set of all the necessary surveys, conduct by our qualified trichologist. Consultation during the initial examination helps to determine the history of the disease, the nature of manifested symptoms of the disease, and many other factors, contributing to the correct diagnosis.

Once you pass the consultation of a trichologist, there comes an important step on the way to your recovery – computer trichoscopy. This unique survey, practiced in our clinic, which allows carefully consider increased in hundreds of times image on the computer where the structure of the skin and scalp are clearly visible. Due to repeated increase, a doctor-trichologist can carefully examine all the hair growth system and conclude an accurate diagnosis.

Service of medical services in ON Clinic provides convenience and comfort for our patients – trichologist consultation can be carried out at any time convenient for you. All patients attending the clinic by an appointment, so we are no queues.

You will be working with a qualified trichologist. Consultation of our specialist will help establish the correct diagnosis already at the first visit to the clinic. Conducting a comprehensive survey gives you the opportunity to save not only time, but also money, because we do not stretch it on endless visits.

To make an appointment to see a doctor-trichologist is very simple – just call the number listed for your area, or fill out the form making an appointment on our website.

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