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When should I go to a therapist?

Very often we feel bad, but do not know to what doctor to apply. Either we are suffering from plague and migraine headaches, or naughty stomach and intestines, or heart tinglings. And, apparently, the problems are not serious, but worth seeing a doctor. Not for nothing do people say "Better safe than sorry." And in such cases it is better to go to a physician – a doctor who will not only provide medical care, but also determine what examination is necessary at the moment and refer to some specialized professionals.

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Also a physician (family doctor) very often leads the patient for many years, remains aware of all the features of his organism, observing the whole family, which is often easier for diagnosis, saves money: no need to get dozens of experts to find the cause of the disease.

What diseases does a therapist treat?

The therapist has a very broad field of activity, and therefore the list of diseases, treatment of which he is engaged, is very large. Most often, patients are treated with disease of:

  • cardiac system;
  • lung or bronchus;
  • stomach or gastrointestinal tract;
  • kidney;
  • blood (leukemia, anemia, diathesis);
  • joints, muscles and connective tissues;
  • spine;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • neurological diseases.

A therapist is important because the body it is not a separate set of organs that operate on their own. In the human body, everything is interconnected, and it is impossible to treat one thing. The approach must be systematic and comprehensive. Moreover, it is important to not only treat, but also not to harm other systems and organs. The therapist corrects the treatment so that the whole body of the patient does not suffer, and he is sure to control the patient's rehabilitation after serious injuries, strokes, heart attacks.

In which cases one must be addressed to a physician immediately, even if nothing bothers you? If the state of health has deteriorated sharply (it can be a symptom of a serious disease), if your age is over 40 years (in this case, the therapist must be attended twice a year), you have regularly increased blood pressure. If you have overweight, pains in the chest – in the heart – or pain that is given in the left arm or shoulder, there is shortness of breath after exercises or in sleep, swollen legs, there is chronic fatigue, change of pulse (became a frequent or less frequent). The therapist is required to appoint you the procedure and treatment that will improve the overall health and help prevent more serious illness and complications. Do not delay visit to the doctor – take care of your health!

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