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ON Clinic medical center network expands the range of its features. Now, in ON Clinic there carried out a manipulation to remove a benign subcutaneous tumors, outpatient interventions and consultation techniques for surgical pathology.

Our experts remove benign subcutaneous tumors using minimally invasive surgery. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that the body is applied to extremely small damage without reducing the effectiveness of the surgical intervention. Due to the use of radio wave surgery there minimized the area of intervention in the body and the degree of injury to tissue that provides good therapeutic and cosmetic results.

We treat:

In the case of a more deep-seated tumors there used surgical method of removal. Operations are carried out in a "clinic of one day" and tested without the expressed painful syndrome.

Services of the surgery branch

  • initial examination of the surgeon, including:
  1. Manual examination;
  2. Conclusion of diagnosis;
  3. Development of treatment options;
  4. If necessary, referral for hospitalization.
  • Repeated consultation of the surgeon;
  • Dressing with medical agents (if needed);
  • Primary surgical treatment of wounds of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with the necessary antiseptic preparations;
  • Opening of boils, paronychia;
  • Opening of carbuncle, felon;
  • Opening of abscess;
  • Excision of ingrown nail;
  • Removal of the nail plate;
  • Recrectomy;
  • Removal of a lipoma, atheroma;
  • Sampling of biopsy material followed by the study;
  • Procedures of the surgical department.
  • Subcutaneous tumors which our doctors work with

BOIL is an inflammation of the hair follicle with involvement of the surrounding tissue. Causes of boils are skin lesions, contaminations with dust particles, hypothermia, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, etc. Boil can occur on any skin area, except the palms and soles. It is a form of inflammatory center cone with redness and swelling of the surrounding tissue.

PARONYCHIA – is an inflammatory process of a nail roller caused by pyogenic bacteria and fungal infection. Usually, the inflammation of the tissue, surrounding the nail is accompanied by a marked redness, swelling and tenderness. The disease may also begin to develop as a result of various injuries or be a symptom of a skin disease.

WHITLOW is an acute inflammation of the tissues of the finger. Usually develops in contact with pathogens of purulent infection in the finger tissue at micro-trauma (pricks, abrasions, cracks, etc.). Mostly whitlow is localized on I, II, III fingers of the right hand in persons if most active in age for labor .

CARBUNCLE – is the formation of suppurative type, which is mainly localized on the neck. Also found on the shoulder blades and buttocks. The disease is characterized by the occurrence of ulcers, which affect the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Carbuncles occur in the singular or plural amount. Carbuncle is the most severe form, flowing with suppurating inflammation of the skin of the upper layer and subcutaneous fatty tissue. The factors that contribute to the disease include older age, violation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism at diabetes, as well as diseases that deplete the human body.

ABSCESS (blain) – is the local aggregation of pus that appears due to the acute or chronic local infection, which begins as a result of tissue damage in the focus. An abscess develops at skin or tissue inflammation beneath it after the penetration of microbes through scrapes, injections, wounds. A characteristic feature of the abscess is that the tissue adjacent to the inflammatory focus, create kind of a wall of the membrane separating the infected area and limiting purulent process, death of tissue that is a defensive reaction of the organism.

INGROWN NAIL is damage of the 1st toe, in which there is ingrowth of the internal or external edge of the nail into the nail fold. In growing edge is thickened and bent downward. Often there is an infection with development of the inflammatory process.

NECRECTOMY is dissection and removal of devitalized tissue, formed around the wound.

LIPOMA – a benign connective tissue tumor that develops in the layer of subcutaneous fat. Common name of lipoma is wen. Lipoma can form anywhere on the body where there is fatty tissue, but most often it is head, back, stomach, legs and arms. Lipoma occurs with equal frequency in men and women, but greater fat and fat people are inclined to lipomas.

ATHEROMA is a benign tumor, which appears under the skin with clogged sebaceous glands. Atheroma is a capsule with liquid, which is beneath the skin. To find is very easy: by smell. Since the sebaceous gland excretory duct is clogged, a substance which produces it, accumulates in the capsule of atheroma. The product of the sebaceous glands is of somewhat peculiar smell, but it is not felt in everyday life, if a person regularly takes a shower. Skin atheroma can appear anywhere on the body where hair grows. Most often atheroma appears on the head, namely atheroma of scalp. It is easily enough to notice: atheroma reaches the size of a pea, and sometimes of an egg. Removal of it is mandatory.

Most often, we try not to notice growths, assuring ourselves that it is natural age-related change or natural manifestation of work of the body. Subconsciously, we hope that over time, they will "go away." But if subcutaneous lump increases in size, it is not necessary to wait or waste time trying to put a diagnosis on its own, the best thing in this situation is to see a doctor. According to statistics, most tumors are benign – they can be removed quickly and painlessly.

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