Department of Pneumology at ON Clinics

The specialists of the pulmonology department of the Medical center ON Clinic provide patients with qualified assistance in identifying, treating and preventing diseases of the lower respiratory tract organs (trachea, bronchus, lungs and pleural cavity).
Ignoring the signs of impaired functioning of the respiratory system (shortness of breath, apnea, or a change in the frequency/rhythm of breathing) can lead the disease to become chronic.

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Timely seeking for the professional help from a doctor prevents the development of complications and speeds recovery.

What diseases are treated by pulmonologist?

The schedule of the main pathologies of the respiratory system, the diagnosis and treatment of which you can undergo in our clinic, includes:

  • chronic cough and shortness of breath;
  • inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) or suspicion of it;
  • combined lung pathology;
  • congenital lungs abnormality;
  • obstructive bronchitis (wheezing);
  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • blood in the sputum (hemoptysis);
  • diseases provoked by smoking;
  • rare respiratory diseases (alveolitis, sarcoidosis, pneumonitis with systemic diseases, cystic fibrosis);
  • bronchiectasis, etc.

What does the pulmonologist do?

A Pulmonologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats disorders of the lower respiratory tract. This doctor supervises patients with acute and chronic diseases (COPD, pneumosclerosis, etc.).

Pathologies that cause dysfunction of the lower respiratory tracts, can be of various etiologies, namely:

  • genetically mediated;
  • infectious;
  • inflammatory;
  • allergic;
  • due to professional activity, etc.

Pulmonologist consultation includes: analysis of patient’s complaints, medical history, the appointment of a examination scheme and analysis of its results.

How does a Pulmonologist check your lungs?

Since in 50% of cases the lungs and bronchus are susceptible to diseases in the respiratory system, many methods of tests are used to assess their condition, depending on symptoms and complaints.

In the Pulmonology department of ON Clinic you can undergo the following types of examination prescribed by a doctor:

  • chest X-ray examination;
  • Ultrasonography of pleural cavities;
  • diagnostic pleural puncture;
  • spirometry (function evaluation of external respiration);
  • bacterial seeding from the nose, throat, trachea, bronchus;
  • microscopy of induced sputum;
  • blood test (for allergens, IgE, detection of tumor markers), etc.

If necessary, the patient can be directed to conduct computed tomography or thoracoscopy for the examination of the pleural cavity and taking material for further analysis.

The obtained data become the basis for the development of individual treatment regimens and methods of prevention.

According to WHO, about 62 million people die annually in the world, of which the proportion of respiratory diseases accounts for more than 11 million.

Drug damage to the lung tissue is becoming one of the leading causes in the structure of mortality. Therefore, remember that self-diagnosis and self-treatment can be harmful to health.

In order to make an appointment with the doctors of ON Clinic you can directly call our medical center or leave a request on the website.

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