Child psychiatry at ON Clinic

It is rather difficult for parents to suspect a mental disorder in the child: the first signs are easily confused with the usual irritability or reaction to stress.
But if you notice that the child does not sleep well, becomes irritable, it is difficult for him/her to concentrate on the lessons – perhaps the child needs a psychiatrist.

Children's psychiatrist treats:

What is a child psychiatrist?

A child psychiatrist deals with the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents under the age of 18. The doctor should be consulted at the first signs of developmental delay, neurosis, hyperactivity and other pathologies.

Child psychiatrist treats the following:

  • obsessive fears and phobias;
  • nerve tics;
  • pathological fantasies;
  • anxiety;
  • autism spectrum disorders.

Psychologist or psychiatrist – who should I go to?

It is difficult for parents to understand for themselves which specialist they should visit – psychologist or psychiatrist. You need to find a child psychiatrist if signs of pathology begin to appear in the child’s behavior: for example, he does not sleep well, refuses to eat, runs away from home. It’s worth making an appointment with a psychologist if it is difficult for a child to adapt at school or kindergarten, he has difficulty communicating with peers.

If you don’t know which doctor to go to, you can make an appointment with a pediatrician – he will refer to the proper specialist. The main thing is to seek medical help as soon as possible.

How can a child psychiatrist help?

The doctor will collect an anamnesis, talk with the child, establish the presence and causes of the mental disorder. If necessary, prescribe additional examinations (EEG or ultrasound), and develop a treatment regimen.

Our center pays much attention to family and play therapy which allows you to adjust behavior, remove anxiety and neurosis in the child. You can make an appointment with a child psychiatrist by the contact number of the medical center “ON Clinic” telephone number or on our website.

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