Ligation of haemorrhoid node with latex rings

Ligation of hemorrhoids node with latex rings is one of the most popular and effective non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids in modern proctology.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with latex rings: for whom?

Rings at hemorrhoids is an effective method, which was used in the days of Hippocrates. This method is also actively used in modern proctology. Imposing rings on hemorrhoids nodes are suitable for patients who have found hemorrhoids on early stages. Just 10-15 minutes, and soon you will be able to forget about such a sensitive issue. Your doctor will tell you in detail when and how hemorrhoids disappears after the procedure, which preparation is required.

Latex ligation of external haemorrhoid node is prohibited in cases where between internal and external nodes there is no clear boundary. To a large extent it is typical for the combined hemorrhoids. Also it is impossible to put latex rings on the internal hemorrhoid node, which treated is qualitatively performed in ON Clinic in chronic paraproctitis, cracks in the anal canal and proctitis in the inflammation phase. This causes negative effects and complications after the intervention, even if careful preparation is carried out.

How to put latex rings in proctology?

Prior to installation to the patient, he can not take medications that affect blood clotting. Throughout the session, he is lying on his side. Only after occupation of this position, the doctor proceeds to ligation.

The method is as follows. On a hemorrhoidal node with a special tool, a ligator, there applied in the rectum a latex ring for hemorrhoids, which has already begun to develop. The ring overtights the haemorrhoid leg, which leads to violation of its feeding, and its fades away. Within a few weeks the node drops when defecating.

If anyone says that the hemorrhoids of the 3rd stage can be cured at a time – is a fraud and myth. At a time there can be imposed a ligature on one, maximum two nodes, the second step is carried out after 2-3 weeks. This is a necessary condition in order to avoid stress on the venous system of the rectum and minimize the risk of bleeding. To find out, how much is latex ligation one can in ON Clinic directly at the visit.

What the ring is composed of?

With rings made of natural rubber latex, there carried out ligation of hemorrhoid nodes, there are no consequences and complications. This ring has the property of well-stretching, allowing easily throw it on the node, after which it overtights its leg. The diameter of its inner side is 1 mm, outer – 5 mm. How the throwing is made, can be found during a doctor's advice in ON Clinic.

Often, our doctors are asked, how to make the ligation of nodes with latex rings at the first stage of hemorrhoids. We answer: in treatment of hemorrhoids, ligation with latex rings, tighting, is not made on the first step. Typically there used ligation of the outer hemorrhoid node on the stage 2-3, or internal. In some cases, ligation of hemorrhoids nodes is held on the fourth stage of hemorrhoids (at constantly falling knots), but for that the disease course must comply with certain conditions.

If it is impossible to identify the boundary between the internal and external hemorrhoids nodes, as it often happens at combined variety, ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings is not used. This limitation is due to the fact that in this situation throwing rings on nodes is very difficult.

Rehabilitation period

Latex ligation of internal hemorrhoids nodes does not require long recovery. Within an hour, the patient is kept under observation. If there is a positive conclusion, he can leave the walls of the clinic. In the first days after surgery the patient may have foreign body sensation in the anus.

Sometimes there is a light pain. It can be quickly resolved with the help of painkillers, prescribed by the doctor. Pain occurs because of a strong leg tighting. If the pain increases, urgently contact a specialist. He will remove the ring to change its location.

If you observe a little blood on the toilet paper when going to the toilet – this is normal. However, in the case of excessive bleeding, you should immediately visit the clinic. Its causes may be a violation of the rules of the procedure, or failure to comply with the recommendations prescribed by the patient. The latter include:

  • limitation of physical activity;
  • establishing a balanced and full diet;
  • compliance with the basic rules of hygiene.

By the way, the bleeding can be caused by irregular intestine cleansing prior to the procedure. It is important to eat only liquid food (yoghurt, juice or broth). After manipulations one need include the food on the menu, which is rich in dietary fibers, fiber. It is also desirable to increase the amount of liquid.

It must be remembered: on the place of hemorrhoids there remains a small scar. For the normal wound healing the patient has to come to periodic inspections. On average, this period is between three months to a year. It all depends on the individual organism.

Installation of latex rings in proctology and complications

Imposing rings on hemorrhoid nodes is a minimally invasive surgery, which excludes any complications. In rare cases slip of rings may happen. This happens if during the imposing the ring has not captured the node.

Rings at hemorrhoids as an effective way of treatment

The effectiveness of this method is in average 80%. This is a great opportunity to avoid radical mechanical action. Relapses virtually do not occur. Therefore, the patient can immediately return to normal life.

Removing (ligation of hemorrhoids nodes with latex rings) is conducted on an outpatient basis and the patient does not need to be in hospital. Moreover, immediately after removal of the hemorrhoid, the patient can return to his daily activities.

This method of treatment for several years is successfully practiced in the network of medical centers ON Clinic. Latex rings from hemorrhoids in proctology have very good feedback. Call the phone numbers, listed on our site for your city and sign up for an appointment with a proctologist. The skilled person will conduct a full examination and tell you whether the latex ligation is prescribed for you.

What does the cost of the procedure in Ukraine consist of?

The price for treatment of hemorrhoids with latex rings in Ukraine (in cities Dnepr, Odessa, Poltava and others) is comparable to the cost of operations. However, latex ligation has a number of advantages. Even after reading online reviews of the ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings, you can get a general impression about the procedure and its effectiveness.

Prices for this treatment method differ depending on the number of nodes and stages of disease. More detailed information about the ligation of hemorrhoids, for and against, advice or reviews on the treatment you can find in our clinic or by telephone.

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