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Crypto – treatment and symptoms of inflammation

Crypto is an inflammation in the sinuses (blind pockets) of the anus due to presence of infection in the crypts. The disease manifests itself by heaviness, burning sensation, anus skin moisturizing, pain in anus.

What are the symptoms of crypto?

Symptoms of anus crypto depends on the stage of the disease, its prevalence and the general condition of the patient:

  • common symptom – general feeling of discomfort in the anus;
  • many also pay attention to the itching and burning;
  • patients notice defecation disorders;
  • it can be pain of different character – nagging and sharp;
  • and finally secretion of blood and purulent ichor.

To diagnose the disease itself is only possible after tests and examinations, excluding other factors that may cause similar symptoms, such as prostatitis.

What is this disease?

What are cryptos and what is a crypt? Around the anus area to the rectum there are peculiar depressions which can be represented in the form of pockets – it is the crypt. The crypt depth is different in everybody, and at an elevated depth of crypts, chance of developing the anus crypt increases. Inflammatory processes in the crypts usually arise from the fact that they are poorly elevated and in crypts there is excrements stagnation. In addition, constipation and diarrhea can also lead to injury of crypt of rectal by feces that can cause or exacerbate the problem.

Treatment of crypto – how to treat the disease?

If the patient is diagnosed with crypto, treatment should begin as soon as possible – inflammatory processes in the crypts can easily become chronic due to poor drainage of the crypt, reinfection with the intestinal contents and sustained injuries. A chronic form of crypto can lead to severe complications – acute and chronic abscess, anal fissure, inflammation of the anal glands, etc.

Once the disease is diagnosed, crypto treatment is prescribed on the basis of indications, using a large range of possible methodologies and different tactics. Medication treatment of crypto, inflammation of the anus, are usually performed with special medicines (ointments, suppositories)

Note that in the acute form of the disease the treatment time will be much less. If you have neglected it and the disease has passed into the chronic stage, you have the option of long therapy. So do not delay the visit to the proctologist, if there are any problems. In any case, modern techniques allow you to help with all kinds of diseases.

If you have at least one symptom of the above mentioned, there is discomfort in the anal area, immediately make an appointment with a proctologist in ON Clinic. Examination by a specialist will help identify various disorders on the early stages. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the healing.

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