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Proctology – a branch of medicine that specializes in diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.
Visit to the proctologist. Who is coloproctologist and what it does? Who is proctologist (coloproctologist) what this specialist treats and what services he offers? Coloproctologist is a specialist who deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the rectum.

We treat:

Consultation of proctologist in ON Clinic departments

Usually the first visit to a private center of proctology is delayed to the last moment. Many people feel simply uncomfortable to see a doctor with such problems. For proctologist consultation one usually comes when the rectum disease becomes evident: there is pain, there is bleeding, there is development of hemorrhoids. But even a little discomfort, frequent bowl movement disorders or constipation are already worrying signs.

Almost all of proctology rectal diseases are easily treated, if one turns to our medical department at an early stage:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal fissures;
  • papillomas and condilomas;
  • anal fringe;
  • crypto;
  • polyps;
  • anal fistulas.

A good option to prevent such problems – a regular preventive check-ups and visits to the doctor.

If you ignore the symptoms and delay the proctologist examination, than the probability of complications or the emergence of new diseases increase by several times.

Medical proctology center ON Clinic: diagnostic services, treatment at the proctologist in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine

What is radio wave therapy, and the apparatus "Surgitron"?

Our clinic specializes in minimally invasive therapy. We use the latest technologies, including radio-wave treatment. "Surgitron" in proctology allows to achieve effective results without surgical intervention. A beam of radio waves is focused only on the affected area, not affecting the neighbouring ones. "Surgitron" is absolutely harmless, since radio waves are in totally safe range for health.

What does the female coloproctologist: medical services for women

A coloproctologist – is not only a male doctor, although some people think that way. Women's issues in coloproctology are of the same kind, as the men’s ones.

In most clinics a female proctologist is giving consultations that helps to eliminate some discomfort for the fair gender.

In what cases you need to consult a proctologist:

Hemorrhoids. A proctologist easily diagnoses hemorrhoids and is able to develop an effective treatment plan. Modern proctology has a wide array of non-invasive means by which you can quickly and successfully cure hemorrhoids. One of the most important components of successful treatment of hemorrhoids is timely proctologic examination.

Changes in bowl movements. Various pathological admixtures in evacuation (blood, mucus, purulence) – this is a serious symptom and the reason to visit a doctor. Presence of blood in the evacuation may be caused by anal fissures, various tumors of the rectum and hemorrhoids.

Pain during bowel movements. When there occur the symptoms of pain or other dysfunctions (constipation, diarrhea) one needs consultation, as they may be symptoms of various diseases.

Preventive medical check-up at a proctologist. Prescribed for all people older than 40.

How examination of a proctologist takes place, how the visit is happening?

Proctology is one of those areas of medicine, which causes in a patient reasonless and unwarranted fear. As a result of the alleged inconvenience and postponing a visit to the doctor-coloproctologyist, engaged in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the rectum. There is loss of precious time during which the pathology takes a chronic stage and causes the patient extreme pain and discomfort. Let's talk more about how proctologic examination is conducted for men and women and whether one should be afraid of visiting a doctor.

When is the first appointment with a doctor takes place, from the words of the patient his made medical history is compiled. Only after a detailed conversation with the patient, a doctor conducts a thorough examination.

How often one should attend a coloproctologist? A prophylactic visit is recommended to plan at least every two years after age 40. In an earlier age, you can apply in presence of any complaints.

What is comprised in a primary external examination of a proctologist?

In what position the patient passes the examination? At the visit of a proctologist, the examination of a patient is done lying on his side. The side position of men and women is the same. In order for the procedure to be painless, the doctor uses a special anesthetic gel.

Good private proctologist or private proctology clinic, as a rule, use for inspection the video diagnostics. In a private medical center of proctology ON Clinic for medical examination there practiced use of videorectoromanoscopy. With this inspection method no pain effects are felt. At the same time a good proctologist will conduct a full examination of the rectum within half an hour. How much is the initial examination of the rectum in ON Clinic and how the visit and physical examination at a proctologist takes place, you can find out, consulting our medical center. After the precise definition of the disease, you can go through the procedure and treatment at the proctologist, who conducted the diagnosis of the disease.

To pass a proctologist examination for hemorrhoids in ON Clinic is also not a big work. A specialist makes examination, using minimally invasive techniques, without causing pain to a patient. Thanks to the minimally invasive methods, treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery and anesthesia is quite real, and therapy itself is carried out by experienced and highly qualified doctors.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids by minimally invasive methods, the procedures include:

  • infrared photocoagulation;
  • radio-wave method;
  • latex ligation;
  • disarterization of the hemorrhoids nodes.

To learn how to make an appointment with a specialist, and how a proctologist conducts an examination, you should refer to our clinic, and we will answer all your questions and help in "inconvenient" problem solving. Using our services, you can be sure that the examination is strictly confidential and anonymous.

How to make an appointment?

If you need a consultation of a proctologist in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine, want to know how the doctor treats hemorrhoids, contact us very easy – call on the phone, specified on the site.

Leave a request for consultation in the form of "Appointments", which is available on every page. What should be done before visit to the proctologist, you can read in the section "Preparation for the visit to the proctologist." To clarify the cost one can in the form of "Clarify the cost". During the consultation, our expert will carry out a full diagnosis and answer all your questions about hemorrhoids and other diseases.

In ON Clinic there operates a proctology department with affordable prices, which is solving inconvenient health problems in men and women:

  • in a comfortable environment;
  • without queues;
  • without haste;
  • and above all WITHOUT SURGERY.

Take advantage of today's paid clinics with coloproctology departments in Ukraine. Be healthy and take care!

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