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Physiotherapeutic procedures in urology and gynecology

Physiotherapeutic procedures are widely used in such areas of medicine as urology and gynecology. They help to decrease pain, remove swelling, have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect.

What are physiotherapeutic procedures?

Ever since ancient times people knew that different natural phenomena such as heat, cold, sun light, etc., can have both negative and positive effect on human’s body. Due to scientific progress and sophisticated technologies people learned how to “domesticate” natural phenomena and recreate them with a help of special devices for the medical purposes.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are absolutely safe preventive and treatment method with almost no contra-indications.

Physiotherapeutic procedures in gynecology

At medical centre “ON Clinic” we use physiotherapeutic procedures for treatment of diseases on internal genital organs, menstrual disorders, different inflammatory processes, stickiness of uterine tubes and many other gynecological pathologies.
Medicinal effect is made due to action of ultrasound waves on patient’s body, as well as high-energy vibrations, magnetic field and other methods of physical action. Methods of gynecological diseases treatment applied at “ON Clinic” with a help of physiotherapeutic procedures is characterized by high efficiency and is absolutely safe for your health.

Physiotherapeutic procedures in urology

For the purposes of treatment of erectile disfunction and men’s sexual vigor recovery, medical centre “ON Clinic” applies physiotherapeutic procedures based on local negative pressure (LNP procedure), magnetic field effect (magnetic-laser therapy) and other methods.

“ON Clinic” performs all physiotherapeutic procedures on modern equipment with a variety of modes and capabilities of tuning agility for individual needs of each patient. Within a short period of time, you will be able to feel positive effect of this treatment. Hemodynamics of genital organ will improve, swelling will be removed and low abdominal pain in will disappear.

Treatment at “ON Clinic” is performed without pain and surgery. With a help of modern drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures, we perform effective treatment of our patients with no need to put them in hospital. In order to register for consultation and examination at “ON Clinic”, you just need to call on the phone number specified for your region, or to fill in a simple registration form at our website.

Physiotherapeutic procedures in urology and gynecology – physiotherapy and physiotherapeutic procedures at ON Clinic

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