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Physiotherapy Department in ON Clinic

Physiotherapy is widely used in the world of medical practice. It is popular due to its security and the minimum number of contraindications.

Perhaps, it will be difficult to find a direction in medicine, where doctors during treatment would not have resorted to its aid. Physiotherapy in gynecology, urology, dermatology, neurology and many other areas is used very often.

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Physiotherapy after surgery contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient. It helps restore the tone of our body and, most importantly, in a complex of physiotherapy is not included the use of drugs, i.e., after their application there will not have any side effects and negative consequences for the organism.

What is physiotherapy?

The term "physiotherapy" includes a wide range of different treatment methods, the essence of which is the impact on the human body of such physical factors such as electromagnetic waves, heat, cold, different types of radiation (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.), ultrasound, magnetic field. Physiotherapy also includes therapeutic massage, application of therapeutic mud and hirudotherapy.

Positive effect

Physiotherapy has a bracing effect on the human body. Due to activation of various biochemical processes, there is a natural immune reconstitution, back muscle tone, reduce of inflammation and other adverse symptoms. Physiotherapy in gynecology has a positive effect on a woman's body during the treatment of pathologies of sexual organs and disorders of the menstrual cycle. In urology physiotherapy is used to relieve inflammation and other symptoms of infectious diseases. In the treatment of skin, acne method of phototherapy has high efficiency, which is also a type of physiotherapy.

Despite the fact that physiotherapy in gynecology, urology, proctology, dermatology, and others possesses high efficiency, it can not be considered as independent treatment (except the initial stages of the disease). The maximum positive effect of physiotherapy is brought in conjunction with other instruments of drug exposure.

Physiotherapy in ON Clinic

In medical practice of the medical center ON Clinic there widely used physiotherapy in gynecology, urology, proctology and dermatology. The branches of the clinic use modern equipment for physiotherapy, which allows for maximum positive effect from their use.

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