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Otolaryngology – is a section of medical science, which is dedicated to the study of diseases and anomalies in the functioning and structure of the ear, throat, trachea, larynx and nose.

The concept "otolaryngology" is derived from the combination of several Greek roots: from – "ear", reno – "nose", laryngitis – "throat" and root logy – "science". Literally, the term means "the science of the ear, nose and throat."

We treat:

We all know how important in human adaptation the ENT organs have. They perform the function of the auditory – contributes to perception of sound, smell function – to help identify and differ odors, playback function – development of voice. These organs are directly involved in the body's vital functions: breathing and eating, which is why even the slightest breach in their work causes immense discomfort and requires a speedy recovery.

Today, some medical institutions in Dnepropetrovsk give patients the opportunity to survey and restore the normal functioning of the ear, nose and throat. However, the used methods entail the need for further rehabilitation of the patient (health, labor and social). Life of a modern man is very dynamic, and for most people, even the loss of a couple of days in society is critical, they continue to look for alternative methods of solving their problems.

Frequent treatment of patients with requests for help in the treatment of ENT diseases caused the management of ON Clinic to open the new branch in Dnepropetrovsk.

Already during the first visit an otolaryngologist performs instrumental and apparatus video diagnostics (otoscopy, rhinoscopy, pharyngoscope by indications), concludes a diagnosis and explains the possible treatments. The whole examination is carried out safely (if necessary, using anesthesia) and the patient is able see on a monitor together with the doctor the existing pathology.

In the department of otolaryngology "ON Clinic Dnepr," we help to cope with the following challenges:

  • sinusitis
  • rhinitis, including allergic and chronic
  • tonsillitis
  • otitis
  • pharyngitis
  • laryngitis
  • upper respiratory tract acute respiratory infections
  • removal of foreign bodies from the nose, ear and throat
  • cerumen
  • chronic inflammation of the middle ear
  • nasal obstruction, including chronic.

Service available in following cities: