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Sty is itching suppurative formation of red color on the eyelid. Many people believe in magical properties of red thread or power of wedding ring trying to deal with inflammation. However, they forget that its occurrence is indicative of acute suppurative inflammation of hair follicle or oil gland. And it is unlikely that bacterial infection is afraid of domestic control methods.

The moment the sty appears, it is necessary to seek medical assistance from ophthalmologist. This will help to elude the development of complications (painful effects, swelling, inflammation of orbital cellulitis, blepharitis, decrement in visual acuity).

Sty: symptoms and treatment  

This neoplasm can form in the setting of weakened immunity and stress, hypothermia, diseases of endocrine and digestive systems. Another causes of sty development are the following:

  • contagious and dermatological diseases;
  • inflammations in organism;
  • “ocular“ pathologies;
  • helminthic infections.

Usage of outdated or low-quality cosmetics, hygiene breaches can also result in occurrence of eye infection.

The first signs of sty formation are the following:

  • eyelid swelling and bullation;
  • burning and itching sensation, sensation of heaviness in the eye area;
  • eye redness;
  • painful effect, loss of vision clarity.

Sometimes there are temperature rise, headaches, feeling weak and torpent. The symptoms of general intoxication may take place due to low immune function, acute exacerbation of chronic diseases in the setting of the existing infection. If the inflammatory process is neglected, the condition may deteriorate significantly.

The sty should be treated by ophthalmologist who can determine the type of inflammation and select the effective treatment. Do not self-medicate to get rid of the sense of discomfort in the eye area. It is prohibited to pop purulence, scratch, stupe or warm up. It can only aggravate the situation (in particular, to cause apostasis) and result in surgical interference.

Sty treatment methods

The sty on the inferior eyelid can be treated by the same methods as in the superior eyelid. As a rule, upon examining the eyes, the doctor selects the treatment. General recommendations consist in the usage of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs (drops, creams) and attenuated physiotherapeutic procedures (warming-p is used in certain cases (only by medical prescription), ultrahigh frequency treatment). Immunosupportive therapy (immunostimulant) is prescribed for the purpose of immunity improvement.

The treatment is comprehensive aimed not only at infection elimination, but also at prevention of its spreading in the location of lesion. When eye drops and creams are used, one should comply with instruction. It is not recommended to use natural home remedies (apply lotion made from herbal decoction, wipe with garlic or onion, sear with alcohol, iodine or brilliant green paint) together with the drugs prescribed by ophthalmologist. It can increase pain and inflammation as well as to cause complications to.

For the purposes of speedy recovery it is necessary to correct food ration. Ophthalmologist may recommend to add to the menu some products containing vitamin А (retinol), В2 (riboflavin) and C (ascorbic acid). These are greens, black currants, blueberries, citrus fruit, cauliflower, radish, fruits of sweet-brier.

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