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Department of Neurology in "ON Clinic"

Neurology is a medical science, which studies causes and symptoms of nervous system diseases and deals with their treatment. A neurologist is a specialist in neurology.

All functions of our body are so strongly interconnected that the slightest violation of one of them can provoke failures in others. The Nervous system plays one of the main roles in the human body. Even minor disorders can affect the functioning of the internal organs and systems. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to get rid of such problems without addressing their main cause: neurological diseases.

We treat:

Diseases of the nervous system are disorders in the functioning of the body, the development of which is associated with not only heredity, infections, injuries or elderly age. Unfortunately, today young people face these problems more and more often. This can be caused by exhausting rhythm of life, unbalanced daily routine, improper diet, stress and chronic fatigue, which exhaust the body. 

Symptoms of neurological diseases:

  • Numbness of the limbs, feeling of cold in the limbs
  • Pain in the spine
  • Pain in the joints
  • Cramps, fainting
  • Tremor of the limbs
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disorders, anxiety
  • Increased fatigue
  • Irritability, depressive condition
  • Impaired coordination (ataxia), constrained movements
  • Memory, attention concentration or speech impairment.

Some diseases of the nervous system have similar manifestations. However, it is usually impossible to determine the correct diagnosis based only on several symptoms described by the patient. Therefore, the doctor usually refers a person who consulted him to a detailed examination, which he can be performed at our medical centers.

Not only you but also your family and close friends can suffer from your indifference to your own health. Diseases of the nervous system are not the conditions that can be cured with self-medication. Therefore, a timely medical care is one of the main criteria for successful treatment in this case. An experienced doctor will help to not only understand the problem but also encourage the patient to be optimistic. This is an important prerequisite for a fast recovery. Treatment of neurological diseases is a joint work of a doctor, a patient and his relatives, who should constantly show compassion, interest, and support.

Our specialists treat the following diseases:

  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • Neuritis and polyneuritis
  • Migraine
  • Radiculitis
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Encephalopathy of various nature
  • CCT consequences
  • Stroke consequences

We are always happy to help everyone who needs it regardless of whether a person already has a neurological disease or just wants to check for it. Our administrators select comfortable time for consultation; make the most convenient schedule for the tests appointed by the doctor. Do not hesitate to call us! Specialists of our center will help to bring joy and activity back to your life!

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