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According to clinical data, diseases of the mammary glands are observed in 30% of all examined women.
Since the tissues of this organ are sensitive to the activity of the hormones of many glands of the endocrine system (for example, ovarian hormones), so any disruption of the body's hormonal balance can lead to pathological changes in the mammary gland.

We treat:

Independently difficult to assess the danger of these changes, therefore, with the least suspicion, you must make an appointment with a mammologist.

The main symptoms of mammary glands diseases are:

  • skin changes and the manifestation of vascular pattern on the chest and near the mamillas;
  • resizing one of the mammary glands;
  • discharge from the mamillas;
  • painful sensations.

Also, the reason for consulting a doctor is the presence of pathologies of the mammary glands in close relatives and serious inflammatory processes.

You can conditionally divide all diseases of the mammary glands into three groups:

  • inflammatory etiology (lactostasis, mastitis, etc.);
  • benign lesions (cyst, mastopathy, etc.);
  • malignant tumors.

A mammologist's examination is the first diagnostic step in identifying pathology, but in order to accurately determine the diagnosis, a thorough and comprehensive examination is сщтвгсеув.

It includes such methods as:

  • Ultrasonography of the mammary glands;
  • mammography (including X-ray mammography);
  • biopsy (puncture, trepano - and excision).

These are the most informative tools for modern diagnostics of the mammary glands diseases, in addition to them, indicators of the hormonal status of the patient are additionally determined, the presence of tumor markers (CEA, MPA, etc.) is detected and the fluid released from the mamillas is analyzed.

In our clinic, you can not only get advice from qualified specialists, but also undergo a full course of diagnosis.

Causes of mammary glands diseases

Problems in the area of the mammary glands in women are mainly the result of endocrine disorders. This relationship significantly affects the likelihood of developing the mammary glands disease. For example, it is authentically known that a diagnosed hypothyroidism increases the risk of the contraction of the mastopathy in 4 times (benign lesion), and the presence of obesity, diabetes mellitus and hypertension (triad) can lead to a malignant process in the mammary glands tissue.

Pathologies of the female mammary glands have a number of characteristic signs, the manifestation of which indicates the need for consultation with a mammologist. Early detection of the disease is faster and more successful in therapy, and the risk of recurrence is significantly reduced.

Treatment of the mammary glands diseases in our clinic is conducted in accordance with the approved medical protocols, and is aimed not only at alleviating the symptoms of pathology, but also at eliminating the causes of its development. At the discretion of the physician, individual treatment managment will be developed and all necessary recommendations for relapse prevention will be given.

Disease prevention in mammology includes a number of measures that will help reduce the risks of developing the pathological process or identify it at an early stage.

They consist of:

  • correction of the lifestyle (no bad habits, normalization of the diet, etc.);
  • limiting the time spent in the sun and in the solarium;
  • timely detection and complete recovery of inflammatory and infectious processes in the genitalia;
  •  Gynecologist consultations;
  • annual mammologist appointment and conducting mammography.

In the department of mammology at ON Clinic, you can get advice from experienced doctors - a Mammologist and a Gynecologist, as well as undergo a full examination using modern reliable diagnostic methods: ultrasonography and biopsy. If necessary, you will be assigned additional research methods to complement the clinical presentation. To make an appointment for our mammologists, you can fill out a form on the website or directly contact the clinic at the specified phone number.

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