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Treatment of urinary incontinence in ON Clinic

Urinary incontinence is a dangerous condition and requires compulsory medical advice. Qualified and highly professional help is available in the modern medical center "ON Clinic" located in your city. Experienced specialists of our center will conduct a full examination of the patient, using all the possibilities of the laboratory base of the clinic and its modern equipment.

In order to establish the diagnosing, the doctor performs an examination of the urine in continence. In this case, the doctor listens to the patient's complaints, conducts a set of laboratory and instrumental tests.

Symptoms of urinary incontinence are unpleasant for women. That's why they try to avoid discussing such a delicate problem, embarrassed to talk about it even with their gynecologist.

As a result of the pathology, patients may face with

  • occurrence of the psychological disorders;
  • lower self-esteem;
  • loss of sexuality.

Urinary incontinence in women is a disease that requires a special approach of a doctor. And specialists of the medical center "ON Clinics" will be able to find it! Carefulness and correctness, experience and professionalism of the medical personnel, use of an accurate diagnostic base and modern methods of treatment are the advantages of our clinic.

Causes of the urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is most often experienced by women. Pathology arises because of:

  • detrusor (muscle) dysfunction of the bladder;
  • weakening of the bladder sphincter (unintentional, uncontrollable) and the urethral sphincter (intentional, controlled by a human);
  • stretching and atrophy of the pelvic floor muscles.

Women fall into the risk zone:

  • those that are in the last months of pregnancy;
  • after child bearing, especially difficult, fast or prolonged;
  • being overweight;
  • suffering from multiple sclerosis, bladder circulatory disorders;
  • suffered from the spinal cord injuries, operations on pelvic organs;
  • during the menopause (due to a change in the endocrine profile);
  • in the adulthood (due to age changes or heavy physical labor in the past).

Gynecologist "ON Clinics" will be able to determine the form of pathology, which the patient has faced with.

Doctors usually distinguish:

  • stress urinary incontinence – unintentional urine flow because of the tension (most common, develops due to the complicated birth, prolapse of genitals, overweight);
  • urgent incontinence of urine – occurs due to a malfunction in the muscles of the bladder;
  • a mixed form of incontinence – is expressed by an irresistible urge against a background of a certain tension.

Treatment of urinary incontinence (enuresis) in women in the "ON Clinic" involves the use of a special injection technique by a gynecologist. Experienced doctor in the vaginal area or in the urethra area injects a drug that relieves irritation, provokes the urge to urinate, and also blocks uncontrolled urinary excretion.

Doctors of the medical center "ON Clinic" know that preventive measures help to avoid the development of many diseases. Arrange a visit to a gynecologist in the intimate plastic surgery department of the "ON Clinics" center, and our specialists will help you to restore your well-being in the shortest possible time! Polite and competent administrators of the clinic are always at your service!

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