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Treatment of postcoital cystitis in "ON Clinic"

Postcoital cystitis is an inflammatory reaction that occurs in a women's bladder cavity after a sexual intercourse. It is caused by the pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that enter the urinary tract after the sexual intercourse. Women face with this pathology more often than the men because of the peculiarities of the structure of their urogenital organs.

The disease causes anxiety because of unpleasant physical sensations. And it also keeps the woman in a constant emotional tension, which interferes the usual pace of living and prevents a comfortable sexual intercourse with a man.

It is impossible to ignore this state; you cannot cope with it without medical assistance. It will be provided by the best specialists in the field of Gynecology – doctors of the medical center "ON Clinic". In our clinic, we diagnose postcoital cystitis, at the same time the doctor listens to the patient's complaints, examines her and makes a survey plan.

It may include:

  • laboratory tests (general blood and urine analysis, bacteriological urine inoculation, smear for diagnosis of the gynecological diseases);
  • instrumental methods (gynecological examination, ultrasound examination of the kidneys, bladder, pelvic organs, cystoscopy).

Symptoms of postcoital cystitis usually occur within the first two days after intimacy.

They include:

  • discomfort and soreness during the urination;
  • burning sensation in the urethra;
  • drawing pains in the lower abdomen;
  • discoloration of urine with possible blood impurities;
  • false uresiesthesia;
  • unintentional urine flow;
  • frequent urination;
  • weakness, fever.

Causes of the postcoital cystitis

  • cystitis after the sexual intercourse can occur because of:
  • congenital anomaly of the urinary tract (low-lying, labile urethra);
  • pathogenic microflora;
  • trauma to the urethra during the sexual intercourse.

The development of the disease in women is also provoked by:'

  • the presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • ingestion of E. coli in the urethra because of lack of the proper hygiene;
  • prolonged or rough sexual intercourse;
  • lack of sufficient lubrication (increases the risk of micro-injury);
  • using local contraception;
  • defloration (the vaginal mucosa and urethra in girls are more prone to the infection).

An experienced gynecologist of the medical center "ON Clinic" will help a woman to find out the causes of the pathology. Our clinic has created an atmosphere of absolute comfort for the treatment of such diseases. Doctors "ON Clinics" treat their work responsibly; perform it at a high professional level. Consultations with specialists and subsequent treatment of postcoital cystitis in "ON Clinic" are held in a full confidence and without any publicity.

In order to prevent complications of postcoital cystitis, the woman will consult experienced doctors on time. The Medical Center "ON Clinic" offers its patients a special procedure, during which the gynecologist injects medicine into the vaginal zone in the urethra area that blocks irritation and prevents uncontrolled urine outflow.

Preventive maintenance of disease will involve:

  • observance of personal hygiene;
  • safer sexual intercourses;
  • wearing underwear of high quality;
  • immunity strengthening;
  • dietary and water schedule intervention;
  • a regular visit to the doctor.

Take care of your health and trust it only to professionals! Call in "ON Clinics", and we will help you to understand the complexities associated with your well-being!

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