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Vaginal repair (perineoplasty)

Intimate plastic surgery occupies a separate niche in the field of such medical services, because often the need for such an operation is due to an acute physiological need. Often during hard labor, a woman "acquires" tears, and as a result, scars. In addition, even when the tears heal, the entrance to the vagina becomes wider or narrower than it was before. The result can be very unpleasant - a woman can completely lose the ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Thus, after the expiration of the time, the spouses will have big problems in their sexual life.

What is vaginal plastic and why is it necessary?

Vaginal plastics, or, as they also call this operation, perineoplasty, belongs to the category of functional aesthetic plastic surgery. It helps not only to improve the external shape of the genitalia, making it close to your ideal, but also to restore their functions after mechanical damage, extensive postpartum injury or congenital abnormality.

Vaginal plastic is often necessary for women after 50 years of age, when the elasticity of the tissues connecting the vagina and perineum decreases. Due to a decrease in the elasticity of the connective tissues, the likelihood of inflammation of the vagina and ureter increases, as well as dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the plastic of the perineum and vagina in such a situation is necessary not only to give a beautiful aesthetic shape of the genital organs, but also to improve the quality of the sexual life and health of the patient.

What are the types of vaginal plastic?

Perineoplasty is a general term that implies a whole range of different categories of surgical treatment of the vaginal walls and perineum, namely: correction of vaginal narrowing or suturing of too wide vaginal entrance, slight correction (removal of scars and small growths), perineoplasty postpartum.

This operation has practically no contraindications. It may be refused only if the patient has an inflammatory or sexually transmitted disease.

Vaginal plastic in the ON Clinic

The medical center ON Clinic provides a wide range of medical services related to intimate plastic surgery. The vagina is enlarged or narrowed after a thorough examination of the patient and consultation with a gynecologist.

You will work with qualified professionals who have extensive practical experience in conducting such operations. Vaginal plastic is a relatively uncomplicated operation that usually lasts no more than an hour and a half.

The use of modern means of anesthesia allows you not to experience painful discomfort during surgery. The procedure for removing stitches is now also a thing of the past: at the ON Clinic, we apply self-absorbable sutures to the plastic of the vagina, which will disappear after a while.

Vaginal plastic at the medical center ON Clinic is conducted under the strictest confidentiality and is absolutely safe for your health.

To make an appointment to the gynecologist at the ON Clinic, it is enough to call the telephone number specified for your region, or fill out a simple appointment form on our website.

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