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Hymenoplasty (restoration of the hymen)

The operation to restore virginity today is most in demand in the provision of intimate plastic services. As a rule, strict family or religious traditions force women to turn to a gynecologist for help in this issue, although there are often situations when a woman simply wants to return her innocence again. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons, but we will not dwell on the moral and religious aspects of this issue, but talk directly about the operation itself.


To make it clearer to you how the restoration of virginity takes place, or as this operation is also called hymenoplasty, let's first understand what the virgin membrane is.

The hymen is a thin translucent layer of mucous membrane located at the entrance to the vagina. There can be one or several openings in the hymen, they are necessary for the release of blood during menstruation. Remarkable is the fact that the size of these holes does not change from the moment of the birth of the girl until the time the virgin membrane is broken.

Contrary to popular belief, when a hymen ruptures, blood cannot always be released. For example, if a rupture occurred in the place where there are no blood vessels, then there may be no blood at all.

What are some ways to restore virginity?

Hymenoplasty is divided into two categories: short-term restoration of virginity and long-term.

Short-term restoration of virginity is a very simple operation, which comes down to stitching on the hymen. It is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia. Most often, the short-term restoration of virginity women makes as a gift to their men, to bring diversity to the intimate life, and to enable their partner to feel new sensations. The restoration of the hymen with the help of suturing has a good performance, but after two weeks the threads dissolve, and the hymen becomes what it was before the operation.

Long-term hymenoplasty is a higher level operation. The difficulty lies in the fact that the virgin membrane has a specific structure, there is practically no healing in it, so just sew it will not work. Despite its complexity and durability, long-term hymenoplasty is absolutely safe for health. During the operation, the hymen is completely restored. The operation has practically no contraindications, except for the presence of some obvious disorders and serious diseases.

Restoration of virginity in the ON Clinic

In the medical center ON Clinic, hymenoplasty of various degrees of complexity is conducted at a high level. Many of our clients point out that even a short-term restoration of virginity, conducted at ON Clinic, can be misleading even an experienced gynecologist. Thanks to the work done with surgical precision, our specialists achieve high results, as evidenced by the impeccable reputation of the clinic.

To conduct the restoration of virginity in the medical center ON Clinic, it is enough to call the telephone number specified for your region, or fill out a simple appointment form on our website.

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