Condillomas, papillomas and genital warts in women

For women health condillomas and papillomas are much more serious threat than for men. This is due to the fact that one of the most common female cancer – cervical cancer – may be caused by some types of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which also contribute to their appearance.

Flat and sharp-edged genital condillomas in women as a threat of oncopathology

Human papilloma virus is one of the most common viral diseases in the world. It has many varieties, each of which appears differently in women. An indispensable companion of this disease are condillomas – small growths (by their nature they are benign tumors), similar to the wart with a thin and soft leg. They may be located in different parts of the body: on the neck, in the armpits, in the genital area, and even on the tongue.

Condillomas do not give metastases and are not a direct threat to human health, but, nevertheless, for a woman faced with this problem, it is better to play it safe and go for a medical examination.

Sharp-edged condillomas are called benign tumors of viral origin, occurring on the skin and mucous membranes, both in women, and men.

These formations are clusters of small papillae, of beige or pink color. Their texture is soft. The diameter varies from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Sharp-edged condillomas in women are often localized in both external, and internal genitalia. They are:

  • vulva;
  • clitoris;
  • vulval vestibule;
  • cervix;
  • urethra (the urethra canal);
  • crotch;
  • anus (anal passage).

That is why they are also called genital warts. In addition to the intimate zone, condillomas occasionally affect mouth and armpits. If they are no complicated, their emergence and development is primarily asymptomatic.

Vulva condilloma is most common in young and pregnant women.

Flat cervical condilloma is another not least common type of benign tumors of the urogenital tract, which is the same dangerous in the absence of treatment. A feature of flat condilloma is that its development and growth is not directed outward, like in a sharp-edged, but inward the cervical mucosa epithelium. It rises above the surface of the skin or mucous membranes – and remains flat, flush with the surface, from which it emerged. And it complicates its diagnosis during the routine examination. It is formed in the deeper layers of cervical epithelium. Development from the deep layers is talking about the chronic form of the virus, its long-standing presence in the body.

Flat condilloma also occurs mainly in young women. In about half of cases this kind is flowing with dysplasia, which is estimated as a pre-oncologic state.

Genital condillomas in women and their treating are of practical interest not only for gynecologists, but also for oncologists. Because, unfortunately, the sharp-edged and flat condillomas are the most prone to degenerate.

Consequences of condillomas in women

Vagina condilloma or uterus condilloma is dangerous not only because it is a wake-up call for a women, but also the reason to be checked for presence of cancer. It brings discomfort in sexual life and complicates the hygiene procedures. At sexual intercourse or while taking a shower, you can accidentally damage it and make the infection through an open wound. Under no circumstances should one try to remove it by himself – it is very dangerous! Treatment of genital condillomas in women is the prerogative of qualified experts. Remember that it is a new formation, and do not be fooled by its tiny size, it can bring a lot of inconvenience and complications in future.

Symptoms: what to pay attention to

Symptoms of condillomas in women – is primarily its characteristic appearance. That is, the accumulation of small papillae, towering above the skin surface.

Other important symptoms of genital condillomas – is the tactility of neoplasms and their high physical tangibility. For good reason they are called sharp-edged: it means, they are having sharp, felt tip. This quality is very important for the initial detection of the symptoms by the woman. For example, if it is not on the surface of the skin, where it is easy to see, but inside the body (vagina, urethra, cervix). Therefore, the development of new slightest sensations (an unusual discomfort during intercourse, pain, burning and itching) must immediately draw attention to themselves.

Treatment of condillomas in women in ON Clinic

Treatment of genital condillomas in women (as well as genital warts, papillomas on the labia), as well as in men, is carried out by the most effective in modern dermatology and gynecology procedures:

  • local cryotherapy and cryosurgery (burning with liquid nitrogen);
  • burning with concentrated acids;
  • laser ablation (evaporation);
  • surgical excision (removal);
  • ozone therapy;
  • radiosurgery;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • darsonvalization.
  • It should be understood that treatment of such diseases is always symptomatic. That is, it is possible to remove only the clinical manifestations – but not their cause – HPV in women. And therefore, a certain probability of relapse is always present.

To reduce the risk of malignancy, to which the genital condillomas are inclined, as well as to increase the overall resistance of the organism, there can be performed in parallel immunotherapy with interferon drugs.

Thanks to modern technology such defects like vaginal or cervical condillomas are easily removed without pain and surgeries. For these purposes in the medical center ON Clinic we use the instrument "Surgitron". This device removes condillomas in women through radio wave exposure, which is absolutely safe for human health.

In the course of a few short-term procedures, you can get rid of condillomas, without feeling any discomfort. Treatment in ON Clinic is performed by qualified personnel after a detailed examination and medical history learning.

Why to complicate your life, feel pain and discomfort, when there is a reliable and absolutely safe way to remove condillomas in women? Doctors of the gynecological profile in International Centre ON Clinic are always ready available to explain to patients what the condillomas are and their causes. Arsenal of specialized professionals will always have, what to treat condillomas in women with. To make an appointment to the doctor-gynecologist in ON Clinic is very simple. You can call the phone number listed for your area, or fill out the form making an appointment on our website.