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Examination and diagnosis in gynecology

Almost any woman remembers well her first examination by a gynecologist. Each of them that time worried about the pain experienced during the visit, what actions the doctor will carry out with her. It is this first women's examination is crucial in formation of attitude to a gynecologist. Later, after an unsuccessful first visit, patients go for a medical examination by a gynecologist only if it is seriously "burning".

Thus there formed a depressing statistics in Ukraine – cancer diagnoses, delayed chronic diseases, unplanned pregnancy, and infertility. Price of a gynecologist examination, as a rule, is symbolic and includes physical examination and ultrasound specialist examination. In ON Clinic cost of a visit – this is the price for a full gynecological examination.

To preserve the health of a women, it is sufficient to conduct a pelvic examination steadily every year. In departments of gynecology of ON Clinic international medical center network all contributes to the fact that any patient feeling really comfortable. Cost of a gynecologist examination in ON Clinic includes medical advice on issues of interest and complete gynecological examination of the female body.

Initial medical examination in gynecology is complex – it consists of a list of several procedures that allow to make a full gynecological examination:

  • Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs (US). Transabdominal study is conducted – that is, through the anterior abdominal wall or transvaginal – via intravaginal probe.
  • General examination on a gynecological chair.
  • Cervical colposcopy. The procedure is performed when indicated. It is an examination of the cervix with a special microscope, which determines the pathology even on the early stages. Unlike other medical centers, in ON Clinic colposcopy is already included in the initial diagnosis.
  • Examination of the mammary glands. It is necessary for women of any age for prevention of breast cancer.
  • Cervical biopsy (taken by prescription).
  • Consultation of a gynecologist. Based on the results of diagnostics, qualified doctors of ON Clinic will pick up and explain about the various treatment options for each patient.

Examination by a gynecologist takes about 40 minutes. How much does a gynecological examination in ON Clinic cost can be found by contacting us by phone or by filling out a form on the website.

If a woman is planning a pregnancy, in the gynecology department ON Clinic she can pass follicular measurement procedure to determine the exact ovulation period.

In case of suspicion of tubal infertility, there held echosalpingography – checking of the tubal passage.

ON Clinic medical centers network also has a videocolposcopy procedure that allows to examine the vaginal mucosa and cervix, making photographs. Digital images make it possible to compare the state of the cervix before and after treatment.

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