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Gynecology Department in ON Clinic

Every woman is a future mother. To experience the joy of motherhood and healthy life you need from the earliest years to monitor their health.

Qualified specialists of the medical center of gynecology in ON Clinic will help you get rid of the most common gynecological diseases, as well as carry out prevention of dangerous cancers, such as cervical cancer.

We specialize in:

Prevention of cervical cancer

Perhaps you have many times heard the news on television and other sources that because of bad environment, high radiation background and many other factors in modern women such a dangerous disease like cervical cancer is more common. In the departments of ON Clinic experienced specialists carry out an effective vaccine preparation "Cervarix" against the cervical cancer. The procedure does not take a long time, since it reduces to a simple injection in the shoulder area (area of ​​the deltoid muscle). The vaccine protects against the most oncogenic strains of human papillomavirus (HPV 16, 18), which are the causative agents in more than 80% of all cases.

Treatment in the department of gynecology in ON Clinic

Medical center ON Clinic knows everything of good gynecology. You can quickly and easily solve any women problem and defeat even the most complex disease. Our skilled professionals effectively diagnose and treat without consequences:

  • inflammation of the appendages, as well as spikes in young women without any deformation of the fallopian tubes;
  • infectious inflammation of the genital organs (vaginitis, coleitis, candidiasis, thrush, etc.);
  • acute and chronic forms of sexual diseases.

A qualified gynecologist will help you to get rid of menstrual disorders, cervical abnormalities, genital infections and various inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases. We will help you to choose the method of usual and "emergency" contraception, as well as to take all necessary measures for the termination of pregnancy in early pregnancy (up to 5 weeks).

We know everything about women's gynecology and answer any of your questions. During the diagnosis and treatment in the gynecological clinic the doctor can prescribe to the patient physical therapy, mud therapy and mineral water, irrigation and other procedures that contribute to a fast recovery. Our gynecologists can help safely and with minimal impact to eliminate even complex spikes in young women (in the absence of deformation of the fallopian tubes) without surgery. To do this, we use modern equipment – radio wave "knife". The device Surgitron in gynecology is irreplaceable. It allows without surgery to remove many of the problems with the help of radio waves. Radio waves penetrate into the body and eliminate the problems locally without affecting anything extra.

Services range of the center includes assistance on medical abortion. Also, the woman is given a psychological help to maintain the moral and emotional state before and after the abortion. Cabinet of gynecology in ON Clinic will help every woman to live a full life without "female" problems!

It is very important that you do not put off treatment of the disease for later. Regular preventive gynecological consultation in a timely manner will help draw attention to the dangerous diseases or even prevent their occurrence.

A comprehensive examination and diagnosis: consultation of a gynecologist

A complex medical examination at a private clinic of gynecology allows with high accuracy to diagnose the patient, and then the gynecologist proceeds with treatment. The comprehensive examination includes:

  • US of woman pelvic organs;
  • examination of the breasts (for signs of cancer);
  • colposcopy (if necessary, and paid separately);
  • vaginal examination;
  • conversation with a doctor, during which the collection of medical history and preliminary diagnosis will be carried out.

Having referred for the initial examination, you will not only receive a comprehensive medical consultation, but also pass the full range of all necessary surveys. Conducting a comprehensive examination is not only saving your money and time, but also the opportunity even at the earliest stages to diagnose latent disease already at the initial examination.

Experienced doctors of gynecological clinic will help you return to a rich and healthy life in the shortest possible time. For this we use modern and effective techniques that help without pain and surgeries to get rid of dangerous diseases. For example, radio waves and Surgitron in gynecology allow to minimize invasive procedures in the body and at times facilitate the process of rehabilitation.

Private gynecology and diagnostics is the best way to support women's health. Presence of new technologies and products, as well as effective methods of treatment and skilled specialists – that's the basis of modern gynecology. Problems of women in these cases are solved quickly and without complications. Moreover, here you can choose the most convenient time to solve your problems.

Women's gynecology and reproductive organs diagnostics allow a woman to lead a healthy lifestyle and to become a mother in the future. Periodic pelvic examination and timely detection of deviations or inflammatory diseases in the genital organs help in the generation stage to eliminate the serious consequences and deviations. If you need a gynecologist, make a call! Appointments in gynecology department in ON Clinic can be by telephone (the number indicated for your area) or by filling out a simple form of an appointment on our website.

Modern gynecology services: physiotherapy and hysteroscopy

Paid gynecology helps reduce the risk of complications and fully restore woman's body with the help of physiotherapy and hysteroscopy. Physiotherapy does not require the use of medications and enables active influence into the body. It facilitates quick and easy recovery of the body during or after treatment. Physical therapy involves the use of physical agents of natural and artificial origin. The former include water and mud, the second one – radiation, magnetic or electrotherapy.

Hysteroscopy (available only in Odessa) – reveals inflammation, its character and stage. With its help a gynecologist chooses the optimal treatment by sampling tissue of the reproductive organs for microanalysis. A woman receives comprehensive treatment to combat inflammation of the genital organs or consequences of abortion.

Gynecology services online are always presented in a common format. It is important to remember that for each patient prices for treatment in gynecology depend on the state of health and the type of disease. Depending on this, the doctor selects individual methods of treatment and prevention of a women's disease.

ON Clinic provides for all patients the advanced services of gynecological treatment without complications or consequences. Appointments are held by phone or in the form provided on the website. Rely on our hands and you can feel free to look at tomorrow!

Ultrasound treatment: a new service in gynecology

Ultrasound treatment in gynecology is a new successful and modern method of disease control, which is provided by our gynecology department. It belongs to a physiotherapy method, applying in cavity (vaginal) or out-of-cavity (near vaginal area) therapy.

Good private gynecology obligatory applies ultrasound during therapy. The essence of this method consists in the specific effects of the ultrasonic wave on the female tissues or organs. This helps in the healing process, thanks to the active healing, reduction in pain threshold, relieving of inflammation and speeding up the blood flow at the site of injury.

Also, ultrasound has:

  • thermal effect, at which the temperature rise is accelerating metabolism and prevents the development of edema or infiltration;
  • physico-chemical – improves the function of biologically active substances, there is a rapid cell division;
  • mechanical – increased stability of foreign cell membrane.

In general cases, ultrasound therapy can be prescribed at an average of 10 or 12 gynecological procedures by the gynecologist discretion. Gynecology medical center ON Clinic provides the ultrasound treatment services to overcome the dangerous gynecological disease without consequences.

Our private gynecological clinic offers modern gynecology services of high quality and performance at an affordable price. The site contains the full and complete information about them, as well as the online entry form for visit to the best specialists. Our physiotherapy, Surgitron apparatus help each woman quickly recover from illness and bring her back to normal life. We are waiting for you!

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