Endocrinology Department in ON Clinic

Functioning of most organs and systems in the human body is controlled by the endocrine system. Its work affects the metabolism, vital functions, reproduction, growth and health of the whole organism, and also provides human adaptation to external factors.
The slightest failure in the hormonal system will immediately affect the well-being, and ill-timed visit to a doctor will lead to serious complications that are difficult to treat. If you have symptoms of disorders of the endocrine system, you should immediately consult an endocrinologist in order not to worsen the condition of your body. Timely appointments to an endocrinologist will greatly facilitate making of diagnosis, and also increase the patient's chances for recovery.

We treat:

ON Clinic Medical Centers Network offers an expert assistance for treatment and diagnostics of diseases of the endocrine system. In our clinic, the patient will receive high-quality advice of an endocrinologist, and one can make an appointment to see a doctor at any convenient time.

Endocrine diseases: diagnostics and symptoms

Disturbances in the endocrine system lead to pathological malfunction of many organs of the human body. In case of hypo- or hyperfunction of the endocrine glands, blood receives insufficient or excess volume of hormones. This leads to deterioration of the heart, blood vessels, joints, sexual and reproductive function, immune system.

Qualified endocrinologists of ON Clinic Medical Centers Network will help to diagnose diseases of the endocrine system of any complexity.

The so-called risk group requires accurate monitoring by an experienced endocrinologist most of all. This group includes the category of patients with the following data: people above 35 years and with bad heredity (the closest relatives have problems with the endocrine system).

People in the risk group require monitoring and preventive examination.

Symptoms of disorders of the endocrine system

The following systems are indicative of the endocrine system disorders:

  • frequent fluctuations in body weight (high or low weight);
  • dryness, flaking or itching of the skin;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • pressure in the throat, so-called "lump";
  • blood pressure drops and, consequently, frequent headaches;
  • fatigue, sleep disturbance, deterioration in general well-being;
  • mouth dryness;
  • nausea and loss of appetite;
  • increased sweating, palpitations.

The services of an endocrinologist of the ON Clinic medical center include mandatory initial attendance, which includes: physical examination of the patient, medical history and, if necessary, appointment of additional examination (ultrasound, laboratory tests).

ON Clinic Medical Centers Network diagnoses and provides treatment of:

  • type 2 diabetes;
  • obesity and weight gain deficiency;
  • thyroid disease;
  • menstrual disorders.

Some forms of pathologies require only drug treatment, others are treated only by surgery. In the ON Clinic Medical Center treatment of endocrine diseases is carried out with the use of medicines, according to international protocols of treatment.

You can make an appointment to see an endocrinologist in any convenient way: by calling the number provided on our website or by filling a simple form "Appointments". Operators will call you, pick the most convenient option to visit the medical center and answer your questions.

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