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Biotesiometry – informative method of diagnosis

Quite a lot of men face with the fact that at some point he begins to fail in bed. And only a few step over shame and come to the doctor. But the potency problems can be solved simply, if the patient is referred on time and is ready to cooperate with the doctor: to tell the truth about his intimate life, to pass a complete examination and follow all recommendations of the urologist / andrologist. The medical center ON Clinic has the most modern equipment and all the opportunities to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of male genitalia. One type of survey – biotesiometry – helps determine the sensitivity of the genitals.

What is biotesiometry?

Biotesiometry – is type of diagnosis, which is widely used in urology for tmeasurement of the sexual sphere, and innervation of the penis sensitivity.

The procedure is as follows: to the penis of the patient there applied a special sensor, which sends vibrations of varying intensity. The vibrations are gradually increased until the patient can not feel them. The data is compared by the special scale, which there determined the sensitivity of the penis and its innervation.

Biotesiometry – is type of diagnosis, which does not cause pain and has no contraindications. The findings of the study data are more accurate and allow the urologist to examine in more detail the nature of the patient's disease and identify factors which contributed to its emergence.

Biotesiometry in ON Clinic

ON Clinic has long been known around the world for its achievements in the field of urology. Every year, thousands of patients have problems with potency treated in our medical center and return to normal sexual life. The potency begins to improve immediately after the appointment of the urologist / andrologist. In this there is a very great merit of experts who have years of experience in medical practice, as well as modern equipment for diagnostics. In ON Clinic You can go biotesiometry without spending a lot of time. Recording is carried out by a doctor around the clock – the operator will select the most convenient time for visiting the urologist.

Remember that biotesiometry (as well as other kinds of diagnostics of male genitalia) allows to choose the most effective method of treatment. Call any time of the day or complete the entries on our website. Be healthy! Do not engage in self-treatment – it has consequences!

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