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In the business world, there is a saying: "In order to save money tomorrow, you need to spend it today."

This phrase can be used anywhere, but especially in the health sector. When you come to the doctor with some disease, you're struggling with its consequences, while it is much easier to prevent its occurrence.

We carry out:

The medical examination of the body – it is an investment in our health

On the west, passing through a full medical examination is made once a year. People are starting to realize that it is much cheaper and safer (and most importantly) to identify any dangerous diseases at an early stage, and simply sleep in peace, knowing that your health is not threatened.

Survey cost (regardless of the chosen clinic) will always be lower than the treatment of any advanced disease. Just think about it: we spend every year huge amounts of money for different, often quite useless things, which in fact will be turned into rubbish without health.

Comprehensive examination in ON Clinic

In the medical center ON Clinic You can go through examination of the body in such areas as:

  • proctology;
  • urology;
  • gynecology;
  • dermatology.

At all stages of the survey you will be working with doctors of the highest category, and medical personnel with extensive experience in this field.

Medical Centre ON Clinic for over 25 years has been working in the health sector, and over the years we maintain our excellent reputation. All nurses undergo strict selection before admission to the staff.

A comprehensive examination of the body in ON Clinic will help to prevent the onset of impotence, prevent cervical cancer, breast and colon, to identify dangerous dermatological diseases at an early stage and much more.

To be screened in ON Clinic You need just call the phone number listed for your area, or fill out a simple form of an appointment on our website.

Service available in following cities: