Eczema – treatment of the disease

There are many things that can considerably spoil the mood of even the most cheerful person. For example, from the coffee stain on your shirt or torn jeans. But if the clothes can be changed to a new one, the various defects and diseases of the skin spoil our natural "clothing", and without medical assistance, we are here not to manage. Eczema is just one of such unpleasant dermatological diseases.

What is eczema?

Eczema is a chronic relapsing disease of the skin. It manifests itself in the form of a characteristic rash of pink and red. During eruptions, the exposed skin swells slightly and becomes covered with small bubbles.

Eczema on hands and other parts of the body – the causes

Eczema is not a contagious disease. The reasons for its occurrence in a healthy person can be very different: genetics, diseases of internal organs (stomach, liver, kidney), and the impact of various external factors. Eczema on the feet can occur during extreme long travel, when it is difficult to fully comply with all the rules of hygiene. For the same reasons, there may appear eczema on the hands. Treatment should begin as soon as possible, so that the disease has not become a protracted chronic.

What are the different kinds of eczema?

Today in medicine was decided to allocate six types of the disease: the true, children, seborrheic, professional, atopic eczema and microbial. Treatment of each species is done on the basis of reasons that provoked the disease. Thus, for example, atopic eczema is caused by an allergic reaction. Seborrheic eczema, as the name implies, is a consequence of seborrhea and related neuroendocrine disorders. If the patient because of his professional employment often interacts with harmful or toxic chemicals, then he may develop a so-called professional eczema. Treatment of this disease should be carried out in combination, taking into account all the above factors.

Eczema – treatment of the disease in ON Clinic

Over the years of medical practices, our experts have developed an effective set of measures for the medicinal treatment of eczema. To do this, we use special ointments that are created in laboratories of ON Clinic and are unique, because they can not be purchased at regular retail pharmacy. As mentioned above, eczema on the hands and other parts of the body can occur due to various reasons and factors, so before treatment, all patients of our medical center are exposed to a full range of surveys and consultation of a dermatologist.

Unique methods of treatment of eczema in ON Clinic are complex, considering the problem from different angles. We help our patients very quickly forget that they had recently eczema on the hands. Treatment in ON Clinic is performed without pain and operations.

To apply for a consultation to the dermatologist, you can by calling the phone number listed for your area, or by filling out a simple form of an appointment on our website.