Acute and chronic dermatitis

Sometimes we wonder how people are anxiously for their appearance, forgetting that it is health and healthy lifestyle has the most important influence. Such a disease like dermatitis is doubly frustrating, because it not only spoils the aesthetics of our appearance for others, but also creates a lot of inconvenience.

What is dermatitis?

Dermatitis – this is a large group of diseases caused by an allergic reaction of the skin on exposure to various external environmental factors.

Symptoms of the disease

Allergic dermatitis (or so-called atopic dermatitis) can occur in an acute or chronic form. If the flow of the disease is acute – it manifests itself in the form of a pronounced inflammation of the skin, which is accompanied by severe itching and burning. In extreme forms of acute dermatitis there observed appearance of bubbles and skin with signs of tissue necrosis, which leave scars.

If the disease is in a chronic form, the patient may experience congestion edema. In the exposed areas the skin becomes bluish, scaly and covered with cracks.

Consequences of dermatitis

In order to cure dermatitis, the treatment should be appointed by a qualified physician with extensive practical experience in this area. Remember that first of all because of inattention to this issue there affected your appearance. Ugly rumens, scars, rough skin, as well as aesthetically unappealing inflamed redness, which manifests itself during the flow of the disease, – all the consequences that result from the atopic dermatitis. Treatment should begin at the first sign of symptoms of the disease – in this case, to get rid of dermatitis is possible in the shortest possible time, and the treatment will be more effective.

Atopic dermatitis – treatment at the medical center ON Clinic

In ON Clinic we treat atopic dermatitis by application of effective drugs developed in our own laboratories, clinics, special ointments and physical treatments.

This listed set of procedures will help you in a short time to forget about such a problem as dermatitis. The treatment at the medical center ON Clinic is conducted after a comprehensive survey of patients and consultations with the dermatologist. In the treatment of dermatitis it is the most important aspect, because the disease itself is of allergic nature, and it is important to understand not only the causes of its appearance, but also to eliminate the irritant.

To make an appointment to see a doctor-dermatologist at the medical center ON Clinic is very simple. To do this, call the phone number listed for your area, or fill out the form making an appointment on our website.

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