Tetter – types of diseases and their treatment

Any of us can face with such a problem as tetter. This disease has an extremely negative impact on our appearance, as tetter spots are clearly visible against the background of healthy skin. Tetter largely constrains communication with other people, at least due to the fact that some of its forms can be contagious. Also, it can spoil the long-awaited vacation, you are denying the possibility of not hesitate to sunbathe on the beach. Therefore, treatment should not be postponed. Moreover, one cannot manage without help of a dermatologist. As effective treatment of tetter can be performed only by an expert in the field of dermatology, who is familiar with the nature of pathogenic organisms and ways to fix it.

What is tetter?

Tetter is a disease which is caused by pathogenic fungi and viruses. It affects areas of the body with a high number of sweat glands: face, back, underarms, groin area.

Teeter can be transmitted both from person to person, and from home pets. Because the main causes of tetter – close contact with the pathogens (fungus, virus), which can live even on everyday objects and devices, not just on the skin of humans. Infection occurs instantly – in a few seconds, but the incubation period lasts for about a week. Then the man finds on the skin a small speck of red, pink or purple color, which gradually increases in size, is characterized by itching and scaling.

Note: Tetter in humans can occur at any age, regardless of gender.

What are the varieties of tetter

As you have already guessed, the term tetter is a general and implies a whole range of diseases. Several varieties are distinguished in medicine:

Ringworm. This disease is more prone to young children, as a rule, they are infected by contact with a sick animal. The first symptoms of the disease begin to appear 1-2 weeks after infection. On the head and skin of the patient there are small pink spots, which are accompanied by itching and scaling.

Ringworm on the head causes the thinning of hair in the foci of infection.

Pityriasis versicolor. This type is characterized by spread of red spots in places of sweating. The fungus that causes pityriasis versicolor, prevents the formation of sunburn, because that affected skin areas become lighter.

Shingles is caused by a viral infection Herpeszoster. This kind of tetter first affects nerve cells, then it appears as an inflammation of the skin surface.

Shingles causes a patient intense itching and unpleasant pain.

Pityriasis rosea (also known as Gibert), begins with formation of small pink spots on the body. Over time, its core becomes yellow and starts to peel off. Pityriasis rosea often occurs during periods of weak immunity, for example, after the common cold.

Red shingles. Today, doctors can not give a definite answer about the factors that cause the disease. Symptoms of red shingles can be attributed to emergence of many small red nodules in places of sweating, which is very itchy.

In any case, regardless of the type of tetter – this skin condition must be treated, to avoid lesion spread to other areas of the body. How to cure tetter?

Treatment of tetter in ON Clinic

In addition to high performance, methods of treatment practiced in ON Clinic are widely known for their safety for health. Treatment of tetter, like any other disease, begins with a detailed examination of the patient. Department of dermatology in ON Clinic medical centre is in possession of modern diagnostic equipment, which allows at the first session to determine the cause of the disease and make the correct diagnosis.

In ON Clinic for treatment of tetter there used both drugs from pharmacy network, and unique lotions, shampoos and ointments, developed in our own laboratories of the corporation. Treatment of tetter in ON Clinic is held in the complex, so it is very effective and allows in the short term to achieve high positive results.

To make an appointment to see a doctor-dermatologist in ON Clinic is enough to call the phone number listed for your area, or fill out a simple form of an appointment on our website. Find out the cost of treatment of tetter is possible at the visit. Tetter, treatment and the price of which depend on the extent and depth of the lesion area of ​​the skin, – a disease that can threaten the attachment of a bacterial infection. Do not take chances. Make an appointment to see a doctor!