Moles: where the danger is waiting for?

Most of formations on the skin do not cause problems, being benign neoplasms. They do not hurt, do not itch or cause other discomfort. One of these formations are moles that are in adults and children. However, each mole under the influence of external factors may change and lead to oncological diseases. Therefore, mole removal procedure, which prevents cancer cells.

Etymology of moles

In medicine moles belong to congenital or acquired lack of aesthetic. This pigmented skin growths that can be of any size. A mole can be formed on any part of the body (on the face, upper chest, upper and lower extremities, back, abdomen, groin).

What is the danger?

Usually, moles are not dangerous to human health. However, in the case of clinging the clothes edges or metal parts, disposed thereon, they can become inflamed, fester.

In addition, the inflammation is caused by even prolonged exposure to sunlight in the open area of ​​the skin where it is located. Consequences of such situations in all cases can leave the patient to the surgical table. Particularly dangerous are hanging moles that are easiest to catch a washcloth when bathing, clothes or hands.

Removal of moles

If a mole is located in a place where it is easy to damage it will need medical assistance, to promptly eliminate the danger. Today methods for removing moles are various. The majority of them are non-surgical procedures, such as radiowave surgery. At the same time after the removal of a mole you will not need any recovery period, and the process takes place without pain and severe consequences

Mole removal by radio waves in ON Clinic

In ON Clinic health centers network qualified dermatologists carry out removal of red moles, hanging formations anywhere on the body. Session is performed by noninvasive radiofrequency removal using "Surgitron". After the procedure, the patient can leave the hospital and go home.

Also, doctors perform removal of moles on the face, papillomas or condillomas without surgery. Radio-wave – effective means, after processing of which on the body there remains no scars or rumens. Moreover, the procedure prevents infection and other complications. Cost you can know by phone or at visit at the doctor.

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