The day hospital in the "ON Clinic"

Treatment of many diseases involves intravenous and intramuscular injections, as well as droppers.
Without such procedures, rehabilitation becomes inadequate and time-consuming. Therefore, the patient needs the help of a qualified nurse. Agree, not each of us has a relative with a medical education in our apartment who is ready to comply with the doctor's instructions every day.

We carry out:

In the network of medical centers "ON Clinic" you can get a full set of treatment procedures prescribed by a doctor. In the day hospital of the clinic, there are experienced nurses who will take care of the timely and painless injection of the necessary medication.

Contact a professional nurse if you need:

  • put in an IV;
  • make intravenous or intramuscular injections.

Do not try to master these skills on your own. It may be dangerous. It is necessary to determine the place of injection correctly, to know the technique of drug injection. In particular, the medicine withdraws in the syringe should be performed without air intake with the medicine. The same requirement refers to a dropper adjustment.

Medicine injection with the help completely excludes the airing into tissues and arteries. If this rule is violated, air embolism may occur after the solution injection. Under the influence of many factors (chronic diseases, severe diseases, congenital pathologies), an embolism can even lead to a fatal outcome. Only a medical worker of the appropriate qualification will make the injection safe and according to the prescription of the attending doctor.

Moreover, all such procedures (dropper, intramuscular or intravenous injection) require compliance with the rules of sterility. This means that you must wash your hands with soap, put on sterile gloves, disinfect tools, open the medicine package correctly and inject it.

Therefore, if you or your relatives need the help of a nurse, contact the network of the medical centers "ON Clinics". The nurse helps to make intravenous injections according to the schedule and in the right dosage. In particular, an overdose threatens the development of complications of the diagnosed disease and accompanying pathologies.

Make an appointment in the day hospital "ON Clinics". You can do it via the phone or use a feedback form.

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