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Pediatric orthopedist in Nikolayev

Pediatric orthopedist diagnoses, treats and deals with the prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal system in children.

The doctor examines for any congenital and acquired pathologies of joints and periarticular soft tissues: fractures, sprains and tears of ligaments, scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis, flat feet, dysplasia of hip joints, spastic torticollis.

Pediatric orthopedist at “ON Clinic” uses the following for diagnostics of diseases:

  • instrumental methods: computed and magnetic resonance imaging, radiography, ultrasound, arthrography;
  • laboratory methods: serological, biochemical, immunological;
  • morphological: biopsy and puncture.

These examination methods allow identifying the pathology of musculoskeletal system at different levels: from the tissue structure of bone to the joint integrity.

During the visit, pediatric orthopedist performs complex examination. The doctor evaluates limb movements: circular, abduction and adduction, extension and bending, with traction and axial load.

Also the doctor pays his attention to the following:

  • the way a child stands, sits and lies;
  • posture and curvature of spine;
  • statics and dynamics of joints;
  • volume of passive and active movements;
  • length of arms and legs;
  • limb symmetry.

In order to conduct early diagnosis of acquired and congenital abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system in infants, it is necessary to conduct preventive examinations. Baby should be examined by orthopedic traumatologist during the first and third months of life. During the preventive examination, the doctor pays attention to the diagnosis of the most common pathologies: hip dysplasia, clubfoot, congenital paralysis of the upper limb.

Some pathologies, for example, displacement or shortening of a limb, or malignant tumors of the musculoskeletal system, need to be treated promptly or surgically. Then the orthopedist invites pediatric surgeon for consultation. Together, the specialists plan treatment, rehabilitation and disease prevention.

Symptoms pediatric orthopedist deals with

Visit doctor if you detected the following symptoms and signs in your child:

  • asymmetric folds on legs
  • legs or arms of different length;
  • head is constantly tilted to one side;
  • after the first year of life baby does not stand up and does not walk;
  • complains of constant pain in the joints and limbs;
  • one shoulder is higher than the other;
  • apparent curvature of the spine forward, sideways, or backward.

If you detected these symptoms or just suspect that child’s locomotor apparatus develops not properly, make appointment to orthopedist by phone or leaving online application at the website indicating the date and time of consultation.


The cost of doctor pediatric orthopedics appointments in Nikolaev

Pediatric orthopedics

Primary consultation of a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist
300 uah.
Repeated consultation of a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist
280 uah.
Repeated appointment with a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist after a regulated time
300 uah.
ONLINE-Primary consultation of a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist
300 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation of a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist
280 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with a pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist after a regulated time
300 uah.

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